A Closer Look at HyperLok™ – KPD’s High-Temp Bed Adhesive

There are many factors affecting the adhesion of FDM prints to a print bed, be it incorrect print settings, dodgy filament, or warping due to temperature effects. And this can become more of a problem when using filaments more advanced than your typical PLA.

Take PEEK or ULTEM for example. These materials require incredibly hot build chambers to print parts correctly, without warping. And even then, adhesion can still be an issue, especially if the chamber conditions are sub-optimal.

A Closer Look at HyperLok™ - KPD’s High-Temp Bed Adhesive
HyperLok – bonds in high temperatures. (Image Credit: KPD)

For this reason, Cincinnati-based company Kemp Prototyping & Design Company (or “KPD” for short) has developed the HyperLok™ High-Temperature Adhesive which is designed to help parts grip the build plate, particularly in high temperature build chambers. And it has been formulated especially with PEEK and ULTEM in mind – although it works great on other plastics too – here is a list of FDM plastics that KPD has tried their glue on with high success.

Using the supplied silicone brush, or applicator of your own choosing, the liquid glue is applied to the build surface, be it PEI, garolite, CF, or metal, and the printing begins (note that some filaments work better with HyperLok™ on certain surfaces – read here for more information).

Because the glue also serves as a barrier for release, it means that while it has a fiercely strong grip during printing, the part pops straight off when the build surface cools. The adhesive has been designed with precision to meet the stringent requirements of industrial-grade 3D printing. It is easy and safe to use, has non-toxic Ingredients and is water soluble for quick plate cleaning.

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“KPD created HyperLok™️ High-Temp 3d Printing adhesive to unlock the potential of high-temperature 3D printing materials like PEEK and Ultem”, said Travis Kemp, founder of KPD.

“Tailored for reliable adhesion, it ensures extreme flatness by holding the part for the whole cooling duration. Easy application and cleanup make it versatile for various materials, redefining your 3D printing experience and accuracy with every project.”

ULTEM stuck to CF build plate with HyperLok. (Image Credit: KPD)

KPD was founded in 2016 and has been providing prototyping and product design services. The company is already making inroads into the world of additive manufacturing.

“3dLabs.io is an OEM that has already adopted HyperLok™️ as the only supported adhesive for their machines”, said Kemp.

“On the product design side we did the mechanical design and DfAM for the REKKIE AR ski goggles. The goggles recently appeared on Shark Tank and were backed by Mark Cuban. The KPD company is growing well, and while the HyperLok™️ is our first product release, it is the first of many coming industrial 3d printing equipment and accessories. Keep an eye out for our HyperDry™️ filament drier, due for release around Q2 of 2024.”

You can get hold of a bottle of HyperLok™️ right now via Amazon or the KPD website, and the company is offering 10% off as part of the Black Friday sale.

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