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Xometry announced a new cloud feature for their manufacturing service.

The new feature is a cloud-based collaboration tool that hopes to connect all stakeholders within a project taking place on the Xometry manufacturing platform.

Xometry CEO Randy Altschuler explained:

“Our new dashboard further accelerates Xometry’s continued adoption into the enterprise and supports a growing number of clients who rely on us to strengthen their supply chains and provide additional capacity for large-volume production runs. With it, our customers can manage the production of individual parts to entire supply chain projects, empowered by data and insights that help them drive real-time decision-making.”

Currently the new dashboard is in beta testing with some friendly Xometry clients, and we haven’t even seen a screen shot of it yet.

The concept of the tool is to provide a way for people within larger enterprises to monitor and collaborate on a project.

This is a very subtle move by Xometry, and let me explain.

In smaller organizations, someone requiring a part or batch of parts might order their production from a manufacturing service like Xometry. That would be the normal case.

However, in larger enterprises the workflow can often be quite different. Basically, as organizations grow in size the jobs become split across multiple roles.

This means that in a larger enterprise there could be several or even dozens of parties that are on the part project.

If that enterprise was considering a manufacturing service, they would likely discount any that didn’t allow these multiple parties to participate. Single interface systems don’t work for them.

By introducing this new functionality, Xometry just unlocked a pile of new business from larger enterprises. And even better, that size of company usually has more parts to produce.

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This step puts Xometry ahead of some of their competitors that don’t offer this type of multi-party collaboration, as they would not be as seriously considered as Xometry will be for future projects.

For those in smaller organizations the new Xometry functionality might not make any sense and might seem overkill. But that’s ok, the new connectivity is not for them, it’s for new, large customers. Customers with big wallets.

Good move, Xometry!

Via Xometry

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