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Who's The Biggest In 3D Printing
Which 3D print company is the biggest this week? (Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay)

Once again we take a look at the valuations of the major 3D printing companies over the past week.

Publicly traded companies are required to post their financial reports, as well as appear on stock markets. From there we can calculate the total value of their company by multiplying the current stock price by the number of outstanding shares. This number is the market capitalization, and represents the current valuation of the company.

It’s a great number of compare companies, as the market capitalization can be leveraged to provide more capabilities for the company. Shares could, for example, be used as collateral for a loan. That and similar maneuvers could generate cash with which the company might undertake new projects.

In other words, “market cap”, as it is known, is quite important.

You might think it’s not important to monitor these companies each week, as their value is realized only when stocks are sold. However, events happen to companies occasionally that cause their value to rise and fall, and this weekly post is where we track such things.

Note that our list here does not include all major 3D print companies. Not all 3D print companies are publicly traded, and thus we cannot officially know their true size, such as EOS. Others, like HP or Siemens, have very large 3D printing divisions, but are part a much larger enterprises and we cannot know the true size of their 3D printing activities.

Let’s take a look at the 3D printing companies on this week’s list.

3D Printing Leaderboard

1 Stratasys 858 +1
2 Xometry 800 -69
3 Protolabs 674 -28
4 Nano Dimension 653 +10
5 3D Systems 602 -73
6 Desktop Metal 465 -23
7 Materialise 324 -24
8 Velo3D 277 -31
9 Markforged 264 +28
10 Steakholder Foods 45 -0
11 FATHOM 42 -11
12 Massivit 34 -2
13 Shapeways 19 -2
14 Freemelt 15 -0
15 AML3D 14 +2
16 Sigma Additive Solutions 11 +1
17 voxeljet 10 +0
18 Titomic 8 -0
19 Sygnis 6 -0
20 Aurora Labs 3 +0
TOTAL 5,125 -221
3D printing valuation leaderboard (in US$M) (Source: Fabbaloo)

This week saw a pretty hefty dip in the leaderboard total to the tune of about four percent. As usual, the results were mixed among the companies.

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Stratasys reclaimed the top spot from Xometry, which briefly last week jumped into the lead. Xometry has been recovering significantly from a massive hit earlier this year, and it seems they’re now back near the top of the leaderboard.

Stratasys’s valuation was about flat this week, while rival 3D Systems, which is attempting to take over Stratasys, fell nearly eight percent. As of this writing, Stratasys’ value is 42% larger than 3D Systems. This increasing gap is definitely going to affect the company’s evaluation of 3D Systems’ latest takeover offer, which is dependent on that company’s stock price.

Nano Dimension jumped into fourth spot based on the poor performance of 3D Systems, combined with positive news regarding a legal dispute in Israel.

Desktop Metal’s valuation dropped by over four percent this week, likely on fears that the proposed merger with Stratasys may not be accepted by shareholders in this week’s upcoming vote.

FATHOM’s value dropped by a whopping 20 percent this week, most likely due to the announcement that the company intends on doing a 1 for 20 reverse stock split. Investors typically reward positive splits, but punish reverse splits. In this case FATHOM had no choice because they faced de-listing due to the very low stock price. The NYSE de-lists companies with stock prices less than a dollar, and one way to get it higher is to have fewer shares.

One big change this week is the absence of SLM Solutions. Previously a privately-held company, they were acquired by Nikon some time ago. Until now not much happened with their stock issue. However, Nikon and SLM Solutions announced the company “SLM Solutions” no longer exists, and the new “Nikon SLM Solutions” will take its place. Nikon SLM Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nikon, and therefore was delisted from the market.

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The removal of SLM Solutions will put a dent into the the leaderboard total of about US$600M.

Upcoming Changes

A company set to appear was Essentium, who announced plans to use a SPAC-merger to launch on NASDAQ. However, that deal has been suspended so we’re wondering what the company’s next steps might be.

One company I’ve started to watch is ICON, the Texas-based construction 3D printer manufacturer. This privately-held company has been raising a significant amount of investment to the tune of almost half a billion dollars. At that level it is likely they will be discussing a transition to public markets at some point, which would certainly place them at or near the top of our leaderboard.

Another company that would seem logical to go public is VulcanForms, a manufacturing service using an advanced metal 3D printing process. They are currently privately valued at over US$1B, and going public could cause that to go even higher.

If you are aware of any other publicly-traded 3D print companies that should be on our leaderboard, please let us know!

Others In The Industry

While we’ve been following the public companies, don’t forget there are a number of private companies that don’t appear on any stock exchange. These privately-held companies likely have significant value, it’s just that we can’t know exactly what it is at any moment. The suspected bigger companies include EOS, Carbon and Formlabs.

Perhaps someday some of them will appear on our major players list.

Related Companies

Finally, there are a number of companies that are deeply engaged in the 3D print industry, but that activity is only a small slice of their operations. Thus it’s not fair to place them on the lists above because we don’t really know where their true 3D print activities lie.

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