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The Mechanical Design Process (Source: Amazon)

This week’s selection is “The Mechanical Design Process” by David G. Ullman.

This is an interesting book targeted at students looking to gain knowledge of best practices for mechanical design.

However, that also makes it ideal for makers intending on designing mechanical devices and 3D printing the parts for them.

The book includes “50 hardware design best practices” with examples and detailed explanations, in the 480 pages of the text.

I believe this is quite important, as learning principles is often insufficient on actual projects. There’s something to be said about experience: anytime I work with a highly experienced tradesperson I see the effect of best practices. They know how to do things.

However, in the 3D print space those with 3D printers anxious to design small devices sometimes don’t have that experience. This book is a way to quickly gain a great deal of knowledge before projects commence.

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