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The EinScan H2 full color 3D scanner (Source: Shining 3D)

Shining 3D introduced a new 3D scanner, the EinScan H2.

This device is the successor to the popular EinScan H device that enabled full color 3D captures. However, the H2 can do it even better.

The key change to the H2 seems to be the use of a 5MP color camera, which is able to capture more rich color information. As the scan proceeds, color images are periodically captured. These are processed afterwards to apply color textures to the detected 3D surfaces.

Shining 3D said:

“The EinScan H2 is equipped with a 5MP camera offering crispier, more pristine colors. 3D models look even more realistic than before, with a higher level of detail.”

The H2 should also have better performance in extreme light conditions. That’s because Shining 3D has included not just one, but three VCSEL lasers in the H2. VCSEL, or “Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers”, is a particular type of laser that consumes little power and can operate in higher temperature environments without the need for cooling. In other words, it’s ideal for a portable 3D scanner. Having three allows the software to correlate between them to produce better captures in poor light conditions.

The three VCSEL lasers also produce better performance: the positioning accuracy in 3D space is now 0.1mm instead of 0.5mm in the original H scanner. It can even go down to 0.05mm if using “white light mode”. The resolution has also been increased to 0.20mm from 0.25mm.

The EinScan H2 full color 3D scanner (Source: Shining 3D)

A very useful feature of the H2 is its adjustable working distance. Most 3D scanners have a fixed working distance, which is a fixed volume in front of the scanner where the capturing takes place. Shining 3D said the H2 can adjust the working distance from 200 to 1500 mm. This makes the H2 an extremely versatile device that can handle a variety of scanning scenarios.

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Finally, Shining 3D has introduced a new “hair capture algorithm”. This is very intriguing, as capturing hair is perhaps the most difficult task facing any 3D scanner. Hair comes in highly complex geometries, is very thin at times and is essentially impossible to capture with many 3D scanners.

Shining 3D explains:

“Our software engineers have developed a new ‘hair enhancement mode’ to more easily capture both light and dark hair. This is an exciting addition to SHINING 3D’s “non-rigid” feature which auto-compensates slight body movements.”

The H2 appears to be a versatile 3D scanner that can work in a wide variety of conditions on a good range of subject sizes. I’m hoping to be able to test this device sometime in the future, if Shining 3D is able to help us out.

Via Shining 3D


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