OZRUH 3D Prints Furniture from Recyclable Quartz Sand

London-based architectural design studio OZRUH recently unveiled the PRIMITIVES (1) furniture collection, uniquely crafted from 3D printed quartz sand. This material choice reflects a commitment to sustainable practices, utilizing recyclable quartz sand and a dissolvable binder, deviating from traditional high-temperature 3D printing methods. The collection stands out for its blend of aesthetic innovation and environmental consciousness.

OZRUH 3D Prints Furniture from Recyclable Quartz Sand
Organic form, inorganic feedstock. (Image Credit: OZRUH)

The PRIMITIVES (1) collection employs advanced techniques to transform digital voxels into tangible quartz sand structures, emphasizing durability and adaptability. This approach aligns with the collection’s ethos, which merges archaeological and geological forms to achieve a design that withstands external pressures and erosion. Levent Ozruh, the creator, emphasizes the collection’s focus on creating functional art with longevity, moving away from typical modernist geometries.

Voxels into sand – a table / stand from the PRIMITIVES (1) collection. (Image Credit: OZRUH)

Ozruh highlights the concept of “antifragility” in architectural design, drawing parallels between natural materials and the collection’s design philosophy. Unlike modern designs that regard minor imperfections as flaws, this collection embraces irregularities as inherent qualities, fostering a new perspective on sustainability and design.

The use of recyclable quartz sand and a dissolvable binder sets a new standard in eco-friendly production, and the collection not only challenges conventional design norms but also opens avenues for future sustainable design practices in the industry.

Source: parametric-architecture.com

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