Maker Demonstrates 3D Printing Spheres Without Supports

A recent demonstration by “DaveMakesStuff” on Hackaday has showcased an efficient method for 3D printing spheres, a typically challenging shape for filament printers. This technique involves printing two interlocking C-shaped parts in a vase mode, offering a support-free approach with minimal filament usage.

Vase mode, or spiral mode, utilizes a continuous filament line, creating a single-wall object with no infill, yet maintaining sufficient strength. Notably, Dave’s large sphere consumes only 220 grams of filament. The method also emphasizes the transparent qualities of PETG filament, enhanced through vase mode printing, slight over extrusion, and higher temperature settings for better layer bonding. This process, exemplified in the Giant Spiralized Sphere, provides a practical solution for filament-efficient, support-free 3D printing of complex shapes, particularly useful for decorative items like holiday ornaments.

Overall, this technique represents a filament-efficient, support-free means of 3D printing. It highlights the potential for intricate design and material efficiency in 3D printing, paving the way for broader applications in decorative and functional printing. You can download the sphere here, if you would like to try it for yourself.


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