Introducing the DIY Repairable AirPods Pro Case

Swiss modder Ken Pillonel has unveiled his 3D printed solution to a problem that many Apple-fans face: the problem of non-user repairable hardware, specifically with regards to Apple’s AirPods Pro cases.

Recognizing the common issue of these cases eventually failing and becoming non-repairable, Pillonel took matters into his own hands to create a solution – custom 3D printed AirPods Pro case that is not only user-repairable but freely accessible to all.

Introducing the DIY Repairable AirPods Pro Case
Begone, non-repairable woes! (Image Credit: Ken Pillonel)

Pillonel invested countless hours mastering modeling software and meticulously designing every single part of the case. The curved sections, in particular, presented a challenge, as accurately 2D scanning them proved difficult. Nonetheless, Pillonel’s determination prevailed, and he successfully recreated the design for others to benefit from.

The real game-changer was the integration of affordable spring-loaded contact pins to ensure the AirPods could be charged even if the original pins went bad. By allowing users to repair their cases instead of replacing them entirely, Pillonel’s innovation not only saves money but also significantly reduces electronic waste, benefiting the environment.

“Considering the enormous number of AirPods Pro units sold, even a small percentage being repairable and extending their lifespan can make a significant impact in reducing electronic waste,” said Pillonel.

“I am thrilled to make these repairable designs available to the public at no cost, encouraging individuals and manufacturers alike to prioritize repairability in their product development. Together, we can work towards a circular economy that not only minimizes electronic waste but also fosters a culture of conscious consumption and responsible tech innovation.”

This project sets a great example of how individuals can positively impact the tech industry. Pillonel’s dedication to innovation and environmental responsibility challenges major companies to consider user-repairability in their product designs.

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So if you are an AirPods Pro user, and you have had enough of the cases breaking, then head on over to this video link and look at the pinned comment for information on how to get your hands on the files to print your own.

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