Freemelt’s eMELT-iD exhibits streamlined 3D printing from concept to mass production at Formnext 2023

Swedish 3D printer manufacturer Freemelt unveiled its latest industrial machine, the eMELT-iD, at Formnext 2023.

Designed for industrial application development, the eMELT-iD model assures streamlined product and application development, ensuring smooth readiness for large-scale production. Freemelt positions itself as a pivotal player and productivity partner, deeming the eMELT-iD a crucial milestone in its strategic roadmap to amplify productivity and services, delivering optimal value to customers. Daniel Gidlund, CEO of Freemelt, said, “This further strengthens our value to the customer compared to competing solutions, as we offer a complete product and service portfolio that supports industrial customers from product idea to full-scale serial production.”

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Freemelt's eMELT 4 modular 3D printer. Photo via Freemelt.
Freemelt’s eMELT 4 modular 3D printer. Photo via Freemelt.

From prototype to production with eMELT-iD

Incorporating eMELT-iM integration, the eMELT-iD facilitates a seamless shift from product development to serial production. Unlike industry norms, it is constructed on the core technology for serial production from the eMELT-iM. This novel approach offers a distinct perspective on the development and scaling of industrial machines. It is anticipated to substantially cut down both time and cost for customers aiming to develop new applications for mass production through 3D printing technologies.

“Together with our research system Freemelt ONE, eMELT-iD will be an important bridge and enablement for optimized transfer of material processes, as well as product development to initial production and later full-scale serial production in Freemelt’s eMELT-iM,” says Per Woxenius, Head of Product Management.

Last year, Freemelt secured patents for the post-processing method, enabling the removal of excess powder from 3D printed parts. Tailored for finishing powder bed fusion prints, it involves filling parts with saline water, freezing them to break links between powder grains in internal channels, and easing excess powder removal.

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Freemelt's company logo. Photo via Freemelt.
Freemelt’s company logo. Image via Freemelt.

Formnext 2023: A showcase for novel 3D printers

German 3D printing company Tangible Engineering debuted its new Solidator 8K resin 3D printer at the tradeshow. The system boasts a production rate of up to 9157 cm³ per hour and a build volume measuring 330 x 185 x 400 mm. Tangible Engineering emphasizes that it tackles the economic feasibility of 3D printing for series production by narrowing the gap between prototyping and mass manufacturing. Enabling both cost-effective and adaptable production of end-use components, the system unlocks opportunities for on-demand manufacturing within digital warehouses.

At Formnext 2023, Renishaw unveiled TEMPUS technology and the RenAM Ultra metal 3D printing system, expanding its RenAM 500 series. Enhancing productivity and offering real-time build visibility, the RenAM 500 Ultra incorporates TEMPUS technology and advanced process monitoring software. It joins the RenAM 500 family, which includes the Flex system for R&D and the flagship closed-loop powder recirculation model for series production. 

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Featured image shows Freemelt’s eMELT 4 modular 3D printer. Photo via Freemelt.


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