FloSpine Successfully Implants First Ti-Largo 3D Printed Cervical Cage

Florida Atlantic University’s Research Park and FloSpine have announced a milestone in spinal surgery with the successful implantation of the Ti-Largo 3D Printed Cervical Cage. The cervical cage is designed to enhance patient outcomes and surgeon capabilities, offering a highly customizable, patient-specific implant for minimally invasive cervical spine surgery.

Key features of the Ti-Largo 3D Printed Cervical Cage include its patient-centric design, which ensures a precise fit and optimized stability for each patient. Made from a high-grade titanium alloy, it boasts excellent biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, and strength, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions and ensuring long-term durability. The implant’s minimally invasive design reduces tissue disruption, post-operative pain, and recovery time. Furthermore, its porous structure promotes bone ingrowth, optimizing osseointegration and long-term stability.

FloSpine Successfully Implants First Ti-Largo 3D Printed Cervical Cage
Render of implanted cervical cage. (Image Credit: FloSpine)

“The Ti-Largo cervical cage represents a major leap forward in cervical spine surgery,” said Dr. John Afshar, a renowned spinal surgeon at Palm Beach Neuroscience Institute.

“Its patient-specific design and 3D printing technology have the potential to revolutionize the way we approach these procedures, offering greater precision and improved outcomes for our patients.”

FloSpine’s CEO, Peter Harris, expressed optimism for the future, and the company is actively collaborating with medical professionals and healthcare institutions to introduce this innovative technology to a broader patient population.

Supported by the Global Ventures second-stage company incubator and Florida Atlantic University’s faculty, FloSpine anticipates moving soon from the incubator to the Research Park to accommodate their long-term growth. 2023 has been an active year for companies involved in the additive manufacture of cervical spine implants, so we expect that the companies growth is assured, especially given the successful implant of their product.

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