Flashforge presents the Adventurer 5M Pro high speed 3D printer, marking new-era of the Adventurer lineup

China-based 3D printer manufacturer Flashforge is introducing the Adventurer 5M Pro 3D printer, an enclosed desktop unit set to redefine the 3D printing experience. 

Slated for a September 1st, 2023 release, this 3D printer focuses on delivering enhanced speed, meticulous air filtration, and user-friendly functionality for beginners, educators, and families. The Adventurer 5M Pro is priced at $599 and available to order on Flashforge’s official online shop starting on September 5th, 2023.

“We’re thrilled to introduce our latest innovation, the Adventurer 5M Pro 3D printer. This breakthrough promises to redefine your 3D printing experience. With the introduction of the Adventurer 5M Pro, Flashforge is reaffirming its commitment to innovation, quality, and user satisfaction in the realm of 3D printing,” says Flashforge.

Flashforge’s Adventurer 5M Pro desktop 3D printer. Image via Flashforge.

Elevating speed, efficiency, and prioritizing safety with air filtration

Central to the Adventurer 5M Pro’s features is its emphasis on speed. The 3D printer offers an exceptional High-Speed Printing capability, reaching a maximum speed of 600mm/s and a peak acceleration of 20,000mm/s².

The Adventurer 5M Pro significantly emphasizes safety by incorporating a Dual Air Filtration System within its enclosed chamber. Adventurer 5M Pro adopts a dual filtration system of internal and external circulation. Utilizing a dual-layer filtration system comprising HEPA13 and activated carbon, the system effectively blocks 99% of particles and VOCs, ensuring a safe and health-oriented environment for 3D printing, says the company. This aids in catering to various settings like educational institutions, homes, and studios. 

The Adventurer 5M Pro provides efficiency and high-quality 3D prints. Image via Flashforge.

Simplifying user experience

The Adventurer 5M Pro has been designed with user ease in mind. The 3D printer’s standout feature is its One-Click Automatic Leveling, a feature aimed at streamlining the bed leveling process. Utilizing advanced pressure sensors, the 3D printer automatically adjusts the nozzle-to-platform distance, simplifying the initial setup for both newcomers and experienced users. For family and educational settings, the system’s quiet operation at a mere 50dB noise level ensures minimal disruption, fostering a productive environment for learning and creating.

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Additional features include the Quick-Release Nozzle which simplifies swapping with multiple sizes available. An Integrated Camera allows remote 3D print monitoring. For safety, an Automatic Shutdown Function adds security during inactivity. The Power-Off Resume Feature ensures seamless 3D printing after power interruptions. The Flexible Steel Platform with PEI guarantees strong adhesion and easy object removal, enhancing the overall 3D printing experience.

Robust designs for superior quality. Image via Flashforge.

Adventurer 5M 3D printer – Adventurer 5M Pro’s sister product

Adventurer 5M 3D printer, the former’s sister product enhances 3D printing with its user-friendly features. Similar to the Adventurer 5M Pro, it focuses on speed, boasting High-Speed Printing up to 600mm/s and a peak acceleration of 20,000mm/s². It is compatible with FlashPrint/Prusa Slicer/Cura/Orca Slicer software. Additionally, it is suitable for Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB connectivity. 

The Adventurer 5M system is equipped with a display screen of 4.3 inches and a build volume of 220 x 220 x 220mm. Having an open shell, this 3D printer is suitable for use in open and well-ventilated environments.

Flashforge’s Adventurer 5M Pro and Adventurer 5M 3D printers. Image via Flashforge.

Explore the Adventurer 5M Pro and its sister product, the Adventurer 5M, at Flashforge’s official shop.

Featured image shows Flashforge’s Adventurer 5M Pro desktop 3D printer. Image via Flashforge.

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