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3D printed filament shelf bracker (Source: Printables)

This week’s selection are the Filament Shelf Brackets by freelance 3D designer Nick Meyer.

This is a simple shelf bracket, but it’s a brilliant design. The idea is to print two or more of these and mount them horizontally level on a wall. Then you slide a 3/4” pipe through the two slots. This creates a two-point rest for filament spools.

It’s possible to make quite a long shelf with this bracket, so long as you have two lengthy section of pipe. Meyer recommends 3/4” PVC, but any solid pipe of that diameter will work.

One commenter on the Printables entry used this design in a unique way: by using only a single pipe they were able to mount a spool and have it fed directly into a 3D printer below.

3D printed filament shelf bracker (Source: Printables)

The versatile design is simple to print and ideal for leftover filament.

This design could create a shelf with which you could corral quite a number of loose spools that would otherwise mess up your work area. At the same time they are quite accessible.

It is also possible to maintain dryness of these spools: you can bag the spools with desiccant as normal, and they still rest properly on the shelf.

I enjoy designs like this that are easily printed but yield incredible functional value. This is certainly one of those designs.

Via Printables


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