Enhanced Digital Twin Features to AM Explorer Software

Interspectral, a company based in Norrköping, Sweden, has integrated the EOSCONNECT Core module into its AM Explorer software. This enhancement provides EOS customers effortless access to extensive process monitoring data from EOS machines. The software, AM Explorer, is an OEM-agnostic 3D visualization tool that generates multi-channel digital twins using comprehensive data from various stages of the additive manufacturing process. This integration significantly improves process monitoring and quality assurance for users of EOS equipment.

Enhanced Digital Twin Features to AM Explorer Software
Enhanced visualization and reduced error thanks to digital twins. (Image Credit: Interspectral)

The EOSCONNECT Core module has been implemented globally across numerous EOS customer sites, including service providers, R&D labs, and material suppliers. The primary benefit of this integration is the efficient combination of data from EOS printers with other sources, such as simulations and post-build analyses. This consolidation of information in a 3D visual format aids in breaking down data silos, providing a more cohesive view of the AM process.

Isabelle Hachette, CEO of Interspectral, highlighted the reduction in manual quality inspection processes, noting initial studies showing a potential cost reduction of over 50% and a significant decrease in the risk of critical errors. The advanced edition of AM Explorer, designed for collaborative ventures, further demonstrates Interspectral’s commitment to fostering growth within the AM industry through productive partnerships and vendor-agnostic solutions.

In summary, Interspectral’s integration of EOSCONNECT Core into AM Explorer offers a comprehensive visualization and analysis tool for EOS users, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the AM process.

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