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3D printed MiniSander (Source: YouTube)

This week’s selection is the MiniSander by Instructables contributor Modelskitsdeluxe.

Also known on YouTube on channel Técnicas Básicas de Modelismo y Maker (Basic Techniques of Modeling and Maker), the host has devised a number of interesting 3D printable models now hosted on both Instructables and YouTube.

This item is just what it says: a miniature sander. The device is based on a common electric toothbrush, but modified to provide sanding function.

The process involves taking apart the toothbrush head to eliminate the bristles, as this is where the sanding head will be installed.

3D printed parts for the MiniSander (Source: YouTube)

The concept is to 3D print a number of flat discs that will have a circular piece of sandpaper attached. This is done by glue, or with velcro if one has access to expensive velcro-powered sandpaper.

By having a large selection of different sandpaper grades, one can pick the right tool for the job.

This is a fine example of how 3D printing can be used in a very straightforward manner to utterly change the function of a common household device.

Even better, a power MiniSander would be of great use in 3D printing, because most prints require some amount of sanding to remove stubs from support material.

Via Instructables and YouTube

By Kerry Stevenson

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