Coffee Company Gets 3D Printed Pop-up Store in Brazil

Nescafé’s 3D printed store in São Paulo, the Dolce Gusto Neo, represents a significant stride toward regenerative architecture. Crafted by Brazilian architectural firm Estudio Guto Requena, this pop-up store is a shining example of innovation, sustainability, and forward-thinking design.

What sets this store apart is its construction using algorithmic 3D printing, incorporating biodegradable materials and recycled plastic. Inspired by the five petals of a coffee flower, it challenges conventional building materials such as concrete and steel that harm the environment.

Coffee Company Gets 3D Printed Pop-up Store in Brazil
The 3D printed Dolce Gusto Neo. (Image Credit: Leonardo Finotti)

The Dolce Gusto Neo is a pioneer in Latin America, using 3D-printed biodegradable materials, embodying the principles of regenerative architecture. It minimizes its environmental footprint while showcasing the possibilities of renewable materials and 3D printing technology. Timber decking surrounds the store, seamlessly connecting it with nature.

The store’s design features a dome-shaped structure along five axes, creating breathtaking views through glass archways, harmoniously blending indoor and outdoor spaces. A central glass skylight bathes the interior in natural light, creating a serene, temple-like atmosphere.

Nescafé’s commitment to sustainability extends to its coffee machines, made from recycled ocean plastic and biodegradable capsules. When the store’s purpose is fulfilled, it will be dismantled, with wood recycled and plaster repurposed as agricultural fertilizer.

Let’s hope the mega-corporation incorporates such sustainable ideas into the rest of its value chain!

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