CHITUBOX Resin Material Alliance (RMA): A Transformative Force in the Resin 3D Printing Industry

Resin 3D printing specialist CHITUBOX has launched the Resin Material Alliance (RMA), an integrated digital platform combining a comprehensive resin library with pre-processing and slicing profiles for resin 3D printing.   

In recent years, the 3D printing industry has seen a rapid expansion, with a growing adoption of 3D printing in diverse fields such as the space industry, jewelry, and miniatures. Within these verticals, resin-based 3D printing, encompassing SLA, DLP and LCD systems, has become one of the most widely-used technologies. 

CHITUBOX has identified a number of problems relating to resins and industrial standards as posing a challenge to users and businesses alike. Key to solving these problems is improving how users manage and test the 3D printing profiles, especially for new resins, and how resin brands optimize after-sales service.

3D printing applications. Image via CHITUBOX.
3D printing applications. Image via CHITUBOX.

CHITUBOX argues that industry leaders need to innovate the way users manage their 3D printing profiles, as these profiles should not be the bane of resin 3D printing. Equally, CHITUBOX points to a need to provide verified and standardized 3D printing profiles to users, allowing them to spend more time on creating than on resin testing. Finally, resin brands are highlighted as needing to provide comprehensive guides for the users and pay more heed to customer feedback.

CHITUBOX’s new Resin Material Alliance

To resolve these challenges, the CHITUBOX team has spearheaded the development of a comprehensive platform, the RMA. Through this project, CHITUBOX has collaborated with users and partners across the 3D printing industry, including resin and 3D printer brands worldwide.

Following two years of development, the RMA is now set to be launched to market. More than 19 brands have already joined the digital platform, providing over 1200 material profiles for more than 120 resin varieties. 

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The RMA features access to resin information and standard 3D printing profiles from a range of resin and 3D printing brands, online profile management, and instant profile application. The RMA works in conjunction with CHITUBOX’s slicing software, with users able to use the library to search for and sync material profiles straight into their slicing software. With the RMA, CHITUBOX aims to make users’ management of 3D printing profiles more convenient, whilst helping resin brands handle customer feedback more efficiently.  

RMA enables easy access to profiles. Image via CHITUBOX.
RMA enables easy access to profiles. Image via CHITUBOX.

What challenges does the RMA solve?

One key challenge highlighted by CHITUBOX is the fact that users generally lack understanding of resin properties, and that their access to updated printing profiles is compromised due to a lack of information sources. As such, users are often required to 3D print their desired parts multiple times to obtain the suitable profile setting, often encountering unnecessary 3D print failures. This can cause unwanted time and money costs. 

To combat this, the RMA webpage incorporates extensive property information, offering abundant search options. Users can search by material types, or search keywords to access helpful information such as resin properties, compatible printers, printing profiles, and application fields. Users can apply the desired printing profiles in one click, or customize their own according to the standard profiles, minimizing the risks of 3D print failures.

The RMA includes abundant search options. Image via CHITUBOX.
The RMA includes abundant search options. Image via CHITUBOX.

CHITUBOX also points to the fact that users often have to spend unnecessary time 3D printing profiles when managing and sharing them traditionally, such as through USB sticks. CHITUBOX views this as being neither efficient, nor convenient.  

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The RMA platform allows users to customize and share 3D printing profiles online. Printing profiles can be shared in the My Materials section by granting access to friends via designated codes. Cloud storage has also been added to the RMA, further enhancing user experience. Storing 3D printing profiles on the cloud enables users to conveniently apply them anytime and anywhere.     

The RMA offers online profile management capabilities. Image via CHITUBOX.
The RMA offers online profile management capabilities. Image via CHITUBOX.

CHITUBOX also notes that resin brands are currently too strained to respond to customer feedback and update 3D printing profiles promptly. However, whilst employing a larger support team will enhance after-sales service, it will add a notable financial burden. This is a clear dilemma for resin brands, and hinders business development.

Contact and product information on the RMA webpage can satisfy most users’ after-sale needs. Whenever problems related to printing profiles, products and resin compatibility occur, users can troubleshoot with the help of available information and 3D printing profiles without consulting the expert staff of resin brands. Additionally, users can provide feedback and suggestions to the resin brands directly through the RMA Discord and Facebook channels. Ultimately, the RMA streamlines communication between both sides, reducing customer complaints and enhancing customer experience.

The RMA’s standardized profiles. Image via CHITUBOX.
The RMA’s standardized profiles. Image via CHITUBOX.

Overall, the RMA serves as a tool to optimize users’ 3D printing experience and as a reliable bridge between the users and the resin brands, streamlining the communication process for both sides. The RMA seeks to offer a full-process solution to the resin 3D printing industry, bolstering the industry’s ongoing growth.

Prospective customers can learn more about the RMA, and CHITUBOX’s other offerings, via the company’s official Discord, blog, and resin web page.   

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Featured image shows CHITUBOX’s Resin Material Alliance in action. Image via CHITUBOX.


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