Caracol’s technological advancements catapult large-scale 3D printing into the future

Large-format robotic 3D printer manufacturer Caracol has introduced its latest technological advancements in hardware, software, and automation for its patented robotic platform, Heron AM at Formnext 2023.

At booth C59 in Hall 12.1, Caracol featured three new products: the High Versatility (HV) extruder, an expanded Eidos Manufacturing Software Suite, and a multi-end-effector control cabinet. Visitors at Formnext 2023 witnessed live 3D printing demonstrations using advanced materials from Caracol’s partner, Airtech – Advanced Materials Group. The collaboration showcased the potential of Airtech materials and Caracol technologies for architecture and construction, displaying parts manufactured for leading brands in various industrial sectors.

The Heron AM hardware-software robotic system. Photo via Caracol.
The Heron AM hardware-software robotic system. Photo via Caracol.

Enhancing large-scale 3D printing with advanced extruder, software, and modular control

Completing its 3D printing head portfolio, Caracol has introduced the HV extruder with its latest launch. The HV extruder meets precision, advanced material demands, and speed. Tailored for diverse applications, it enhances manufacturing efficiency across finished parts, marine superstructures, architectural panels, furniture, and tools. Joined by the High Accuracy (HA) and High Flow (HF) models, Caracol’s extruder range offers a comprehensive solution for large-scale part printing, processing various thermoplastic pellets, from composite fiber-reinforced to recycled or bio-based materials, seamlessly integrating into Caracol’s versatile lineup, catering to diverse manufacturing needs.

Caracol has launched the Eidos Manufacturing Software Suite for enhanced manufacturing control. Within the suite are both Parameters & Path Planning software and an HMI designed for controlling the platform. The newly launched Eidos – Internet of Things (IoT) module enables remote monitoring, simplifying fleet management with features like condition monitoring, process monitoring, digital twin, predictive maintenance, and cloud data logging. Integrated with Caracol’s Heron AM hardware, it ensures a turnkey system for efficient full production cycle control, ensuring continuous and reliable production.

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Tailored to meet client needs, Caracol unveiled a new control cabinet for the modular Heron AM platform. Specifically designed for managing multiple end-effectors, this innovation centralizes control for HV and HF extruders, featuring plug-and-play logic. Enhancing manufacturing flexibility, it allows clients to maximize investments on a single adaptable platform, catering to evolving needs and applications.

3D printing advancements at Formnext 2023

Global engineering technologies company Renishaw introduced advancements to metal AM at Formnext 2023. TEMPUS technology enhances additive manufacturing productivity by enabling laser operation during recoater movement, potentially cutting build times by up to 50%. Integrated into the RenAM 500 series, it offers substantial time and cost savings. The RenAM Ultra metal AM system, featuring TEMPUS and advanced process monitoring, enhances productivity with real-time insights. Joining the RenAM 500 family, the Ultra model is available in both RenAM 500Q and RenAM 500S versions.

Industrial 3D printer manufacturer UnionTech also showcased its latest advancements at the tradeshow, including the RSPro2100 and Martrix520 printers, along with software and material advancements. Designed for professional use, the RSPro Series includes models such as RSPro600 and RSPro2100, highlighting small-batch capabilities and the ability to gather rapid market feedback. Meanwhile, the Martrix520, functioning as a quasi-industrial desktop mSLA 3D printer, provides user-friendly design and scalability. UnionTech also presented dental 3D printing under the EvoDent brand and introduced a tire mold solution. 

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Featured image shows the Heron AM hardware-software robotic system. Photo via Caracol.


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