Alpitude Unveils Superleggero Ti Bottle Cage

Alpitude has introduced the Superleggero Ti, a set of titanium bottle cages claimed to be the lightest globally. These cages, exclusively available in limited edition, are 3D printed using selective laser melting (or LPBF as it’s called these days). Their design, reminiscent of Alpitude’s carbon Superleggero cages, integrates a reinforced support for added strength. Each cage weighs 14.7g, balancing lightness with durability.

Alpitude Unveils Superleggero Ti Bottle Cage
Titanium printed, “Drillium” style. (Image Credit: Alpitude)

The Superleggero Ti cages are sold in pairs and are presented in a custom wooden box, complete with a carbon fiber series number plate. Only 99 pairs of these cages, featuring a sandblasted natural titanium finish, are available for purchase, priced at 380€. This release marks a notable application of 3D printing in creating high-end cycling accessories, merging aesthetic appeal with technical sophistication.

The production process reflects a blend of additive and subtractive manufacturing philosophies. While the cages are built additively using metal 3D printing, their design pays homage to the traditional “drillium” method, where material is removed (by drilling) to reduce weight. This approach showcases the versatility and adaptability of 3D printing technologies in producing customized, high-performance components in the cycling industry.

They come in a pair
They come in a pair, in a fancy gift box. (Image Credit: Alpitude)

As a limited edition offering, the Superleggero Ti not only represents Alpitude’s commitment to innovation in cycling accessories but also highlights the growing trend of employing advanced manufacturing techniques like 3D printing in the sporting goods sector. This trend is likely to continue, with future advancements in 3D printing technologies further enhancing the customization and performance of sports equipment.


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