Accelerating Robotics: 3D Printed Wheels and Drone Motors

Padmalaya Rawal, a robotics maker, has developed a high-speed robot wheel using 3D printing and a modified drone motor. His design addresses the limitations of conventional slow, yellow-colored BO motors and their accompanying wheels. Rawal’s design replaces these with a compact, affordable, and faster alternative, enhancing the performance of his robotic creations.

Accelerating Robotics: 3D Printed Wheels and Drone Motors
3D printed wheel hooked up to LiPo battery, DC motor and ESC. (Image Credit: Padmalaya Rawal)

Rawal’s approach involves adapting a brushless DC motor, typically used in drones, to power the robot wheels. This modification requires splitting the motor in half and adjusting the shaft’s height, a process that demands significant pressure, sometimes necessitating the use of a hammer. The modified motor is then integrated with a 3D printed wheel hub, featuring support pins for stabilization. A rubber tire from a standard battery-operated motor kit is added for improved traction.

The wheel assembly comprises the lower motor half embedded in the 3D printed wheel, while the upper half is attached to a 3D printed mount. Rawal tested the wheel using an Electronic Speed Control (ESC) tester, operating it at 50% capacity for safety reasons, as the wheel generates substantial force.

For those interested in replicating or modifying this design, Rawal provides the STL files for the wheel hub and motor mount on his Instructables page. This method of creating robot wheels could inspire further explorations into cost-effective and high-performance robotics designs.


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