9T Labs to Supply Printed Parts for Dufour Aerospace’s Aero2 eVTOL

In a new development for the world of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, Dufour Aerospace, based in Zurich, Switzerland, has chosen 9T Labs as a key supplier for critical structural composite connectors, including brackets and hinges, for their uncrewed tilt-wing aircraft, the Aero2.

The decision to utilize parts manufactured with 9T Labs’ state-of-the-art additive manufacturing equipment, known as Red Series Additive Fusion Technology, along with advanced post-processing techniques, represents a pivotal step in reducing the weight of Dufour Aerospace’s eVTOL aircraft.

Simon Bendrey, Head of Design at Dufour Aerospace, emphasizes the often-underestimated significance of smaller aircraft components in weight reduction, stating, “With 9T Labs, we have found a partner who is supporting us in exactly this critical area with surprisingly lightweight composite structural parts, without us having to make compromises in terms of durability and strength.”

9T Labs to Supply Printed Parts for Dufour Aerospace's Aero2 eVTOL
Lightening Aero2 with AM. (Image Credit: Dufour Aerospace)

Dufour Aerospace is at the forefront of developing efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft for various applications, including patient and passenger transport, logistics, and public safety. Their initial offering, the Aero2, is designed specifically for the transportation of critical cargo, capable of carrying up to 40 kilograms over medium- to long-range distances. The company is also working on the Aero3, a crewed aircraft with eight seats and ample cabin space.

Giovanni Cavolina, Cofounder and CCO of 9T Labs, is enthusiastic about the partnership, noting that replacing structural metal parts with high-performing thermoplastic composites will play a pivotal role in helping Dufour Aerospace achieve its ambitious weight reduction goals for the Aero2 program.

Source: compositesworld.com

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