3D Printed Air Cooler Could Offer Eco-friendly Alternative to AC

Are you fed-up of receiving astronomical air conditioning bills this summer (writer’s note: YES!). Then maybe you need an alternative… enter, the 3D printed terracotta cooler.

The terracotta cooler is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional air conditioning systems. The designers (a collaborative effort between agency Entreautre and designer Simon Pavey) used Grasshopper to design the intricate interior, and it was printed with a custom printer built by Dutch artist, Olivier Van Herpt.

3D Printed Air Cooler Could Offer Eco-friendly Alternative to AC
Printed in terracotta. (Image Credit: Simon Pavey)

Inspired by ancient practices utilized in hot regions such as the Middle East, the cooler utilizes a porous terracotta container filled with water to create a cooling effect through natural evaporation. The key to its functionality is the Water Evaporative Evaporator Effect (WEEE), allowing airflow to interact with the wet terracotta surface and produce a flow of cold air. To optimize cooling experimented with complex volumes and differential growth, resulting in both enhanced performance and an aesthetically pleasing design.

Fan for airflow
Fan for airflow. (Image Credit: Simon Pavey)

The terracotta cooler is currently undergoing rigorous testing for durability, airflow efficiency, and real-world performance in hot environments, holding the potential to revolutionize cooling methods.

By blending tradition and innovation, this eco-friendly solution offers hope for a greener and cooler future, mitigating the environmental impact of traditional air conditioning systems – and maybe keep your AC bills manageable!

Source: Yanko Design

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