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Artec 3D announced a new small-format 3D scanner, the Artec Micro II.

Artec 3D produces a range of 3D scanning equipment, all targeted at different application environments. While some of their gear can handle building-sized subjects, others can handle desktop objects. In this case, the Artec Micro II is designed to capture very high resolution scans of smaller objects.

The capture volume of the Artec Micro II is 200 x 200 x 150 mm, giving you an idea of the size of objects intended for this new device.

Artec 3D said the Artec Micro II is “twice as accurate” as previous models, and offers 0.005mm accuracy. That’s a critical factor for smaller objects where detail is more important. They intend on adding a new “HD” mode for the Micro II in future releases of Artec Studio, the software that drives their scanners.

They say that the scans are repeatable: if an object is scanned again, the second results should be within 0.002mm of the first scan. That’s pretty impressive and demonstrates the accuracy of this device.

How does this scanner work? It seems it includes no less than four 13M pixel cameras, which are rotated around three axes during scanning operations. Artec 3D said that the movement, powered by their proprietary algorithms, is able to “see deep into holes and crevices”. This suggests that the Micro II should be able to properly scan complex geometries, which are notoriously challenging to capture.

The device is said to perform “1 million calculations per second”, which suggests that the scanning speed could be quickly. Scanner motion is always limited by the compute capacity — slow processing means slow movement and lengthy scan sessions. That may not be the case with the Micro II.

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Artec 3D also explained that the Micro II will operate in conjunction with their Artec Studio software, and offer a “one click” scanning experience.

If you require very high resolution scans of small objects, the Artec Micro II might be the scanner for your application.

Via Artec 3D


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