Stratasys F3300 FDM 3D printer enables manufacturers to scale production and reduce costs

3D printer manufacturer Stratasys is introducing its new F3300 Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printer at Formnext 2023.

Delivering substantial value to manufacturing clients, the F3300 3D printer accomplishes the reduction of labor demands, the optimization of uptime, and the improvement of part quality and yield. Hailing from the very inventors of FDM, the F3300 has the potential to enhance the landscape of additive manufacturing across sectors characterized by exacting standards, including aerospace, automotive, government/military, and service bureaus. The F3300 is scheduled for shipment commencement in 2024.

“This next-generation additive manufacturing system empowers customers to scale production and reduce the need to compromise between additive and traditional manufacturing solutions,” said Rich Garrity, Stratasys Chief Industrial Business Unit Officer. “Rising global supply chain challenges, conventional capacity limitations, and application complexity are placing incredible stress on manufacturing. The F3300 will empower customers to accelerate product development, allowing them to innovate faster, overcome production challenges, be quicker to market, and maximize their return on investment.”

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The new Stratasys F3300 FDM 3D Printer for Manufacturing. Photo via Stratasys.
The new Stratasys F3300 FDM 3D Printer for Manufacturing. Photo via Stratasys.

Transforming industrial 3D printing

The F3300 introduces significant enhancements in several key areas. The system delivers faster print speeds by incorporating increased gantry speeds, faster extrusion rates, and autocalibration. It also promises higher part quality and yields, with the prospect of achieving up to a 25% increase in accuracy and repeatability, a benefit further heightened by the inclusion of 3D printer autocalibration. 

Additionally, the F3300 ensures maximized uptime through the implementation of machine monitoring, extruder redundancy, and an interface design tailored for user-friendly, streamlined operations. This system also offers cost savings that fall within the range of 25% to 45% in comparison to other Stratasys FDM solutions. These significant advancements are poised to bring about a transformation in the domain of additive manufacturing, says the company.

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The F3300 joins the Stratasys FDM product line, which includes the F900, F770, F450mc, and the F123 series. In particular, the F3300 complements the Stratasys F900, known for its reliability, generous capacity, and use of high-performance materials. To unveil this new system, Stratasys is hosting a special live event on November 7 at 5:30 p.m. CET. Attendees can secure a spot at the event or choose to watch the unveiling via live stream.

Inside the new Stratasys' new F3300 3D printer, with faster printing speeds and improved accuracy and reliability. Photo via Stratasys.
Inside the new Stratasys’ new F3300 3D printer, with faster printing speeds and improved accuracy and reliability. Photo via Stratasys.

Fused Deposition Modeling 3D printers on the market

Shenzhen-based industrial 3D printer manufacturer Mingda launched the MD-400D high-temperature IDEX FDM 3D printer, expanding its additive manufacturing offerings. The MD-400D features a sizable build volume, independent double extruder (IDEX) technology, and high-temperature hot ends compatible with engineering-grade materials. Additional features include automatic bed leveling and an air filtration system. With applications in complex prototyping, medical parts, aerospace components, research, and education, the MD-400D enhances Mingda’s professional additive manufacturing solutions.

Desktop 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker introduced the Method XL, a dual-extrusion FDM 3D printer with industrial-grade precision and performance, at an affordable price. It has a build volume of 305 x 305 x 320mm, dimensional accuracy of ± 0.2 mm, and features a heated build chamber, third-party material compatibility, fast-dissolving water-soluble support, and remote print job management. Ultimaker aims to promote 3D printing adoption in manufacturing through accessible, industrial-capable 3D printers.

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Featured image shows the new Stratasys F3300 FDM 3D Printer for Manufacturing. Photo via Stratasys.


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