SCRY and HELIOT EMIL Collaborate for 3D Printed Footwear

SCRY, a leader in 3D printed footwear, has partnered with HELIOT EMIL for the “Digital Embryo” collection, showcased at Paris Fashion Week. This collaboration highlights a futuristic approach to shoe design, emphasizing environmental consciousness and innovative materials.

The 3D boot, central to this collection, is crafted from polyurethane, showcasing a design ethos that prioritizes waste reduction. This “Solitary Uniform” concept represents a step towards more sustainable fashion practices.

SCRY and HELIOT EMIL Collaborate for 3D Printed Footwear
Digital Embryo boot. (Image Credit: SCRY)

HELIOT EMIL’s vision of an intergalactic universe blends seamlessly with SCRY’s advanced design methods. The boot itself is a testament to this synergy, featuring mid-height tops, rounded toe boxes, and unique structural elements like a medial puncture and curved bridge, all in a striking all-black color scheme.

This collaboration is not just a fashion statement but also a showcase of how 3D printing technology can be effectively utilized in the fashion industry. The use of 3D printing in creating these boots demonstrates the potential for more efficient production processes, reduced material waste, and the ability to create complex, customized designs that traditional manufacturing methods may not accommodate. And of course, being printed from a single plastic makes it a lot easier to recycle.

This collaboration between SCRY and HELIOT EMIL illustrates the growing influence of 3D printing in the fashion sector. Looking ahead, we can anticipate an increased integration of 3D printing technologies in fashion design and production, leading to more sustainable practices and innovative designs that challenge conventional manufacturing limits.


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