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Axtra3D’s new HQ (Source: Axtra3D)

Axtra3D has opened a new headquarters building in Charlotte.

The startup company seems to be rapidly expanding, as we only learned of their existence a couple of years ago.

Their Hybrid PhotoSynthesis 3D printing process is quite unique: it combines both SLA and DLP resin processes to create a more powerful system that has the advantages of both approaches.

In a nutshell, HPS uses DLP to quickly polymerize the hidden interiors of parts, while also using a laser to precisely form the outer layers. This produces objects with exceptional surface quality, but quickly. You can read more about HPS here.

About a year ago they announced their first 3D printers, the Lumia X1 (which uses the HPS process) and the Revox X1 (which is only DLP).

Now, almost a year later, they’ve opened a brand new headquarters building in North Carolina. This is in addition to a subsidiary’s building in Italy.

As you might expect, their new HQ includes office space, conference rooms, reception, a warehouse and collaborative spaces. However, it also has a very strategic feature: a customer demonstration showroom.

Inside Axtra3D’s new HQ, with a glimpse at a demonstration center in the rear (Source: Axtra3D)

This is a feature that only some 3D printing companies bother to implement. While some companies may feel it’s not important, I think it is.

There’s a reason for this feature: physical demonstration. In my experience many people simply don’t believe anything you say until you literally show them the physical evidence. That’s the approach here: a comfortable space where customers and prospects can see and touch the machinery to get a feel for how it really works.

After seeing a machine in real life, prospects are far more likely to continue with a purchase.

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That’s why Axtra3D has built a demonstration center, and why it will help them increase their sales.

The HPS process is different from other 3D printing processes, and therefore the public will generally be unaware of it, or at the least unsure of how it works and the results it can produce. The demonstration center will go a long way to overcoming that sales barrier.

Why don’t all other 3D print companies have demonstration centers?

Via Axtra3D


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