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The ET hybrd 3D printer (Source: LOTMAXX)

LOTMAXX announced a new high speed desktop FFF 3D printer with a difference: it also includes a powerful laser.

The competition in the high speed desktop FFF 3D printer market is rapidly intensifying. Only a year ago most devices operated in the 40-80mm/s speed range, while today it has become rare for a new FFF 3D printer to be less than 250mm/s.

This revolution was powered by the introduction of sophisticated machine firmware that can compensate for the vibrations and flow effects that occur at high speed.

Because of this market shift, it’s become difficult for a 3D printer manufacturer to distinguish themselves in a market now flooding with high speed machines.

LOTMAXX took a step to do so by developing the LOTMAXX ET. It’s the latest machine from the company that has produced quite a few devices over the past few years. Currently, they list six FFF devices in their catalog.

The ET is different, as it includes a laser engraving system. The idea is that you can swap in the laser toolhead and instantly the device becomes a laser engraver. It’s like having two machines in one.

Laser toolhead installed on the ET 3D printer (Source: LOTMAXX)

We’ve seen this type of hybrid machine previously, where the motion system is leveraged to hold different toolhead beyond extrusion. Lasers, sensors, pens, CNC milling heads and more have been done by others in the past. They are generally popular among DIY makers that have space issues: a hybrid machine takes up far less desk space than several separate devices.

However, none of these hybrid machines have done so with a high speed motion system.

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First, the 3D printer portion.

The machine can print at up to 500mm/s thanks to an unnamed vibration compensation system. It could very well be Klipper firmware in the background here. The machine also has an all-aluminum body with linear guides for smooth high speed movement.

Cooling system detail on the ET 3D printer (Source: LOTMAXX)

The machine also includes a beefed-up cooling system to rapidly cool the rapidly deposited polymer material. They say the device has a print capacity rating of 22.8 cubic mm per second, which is pretty good, but a bit lower than some other machines that get closer to 30.

The machine includes a number of convenience features, like an on board camera for remote monitoring, automated leveling and a touch screen.

There is a relatively healthy build volume of 250 x 250 x 265 mm, comparable to most other desktop FFF machines. The platform is a removable spring steel plate coated with PEI for adhesion.

The machine is not enclosed, so it may be tricky to print more challenging engineering materials.

On to the laser toolhead.

This is where I was confused. Normally on hybrid 3D printers we would find low power lasers in the range of 0.5 to 2.0W. That’s not very powerful, and in order to engrave the toolhead must move very slowly. A slow speed allows more energy to be deposited by the laser on each spot. This overcomes the relatively weak lasers used in these systems.

However, the ET includes a 20W laser! This is an incredibly powerful laser that should match the motion system’s speed potential. In other words, the laser toolhead can move more quickly and still deposit sufficient energy on the target. It’s linear: a 20W laser is 10X more powerful than a 2W laser, so it should be able to move 10X faster.

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In other words, we have a high speed 3D printer AND a high speed laser engraver.

The only possible issue I can see here is that 20W is extremely powerful, and quite dangerous. That laser will easily be able to smoke anything that gets in its path, so operators must be extraordinarily careful when using it. It’s likely operators should even wear eye protection when running the laser. Remember, there’s no enclosure around this machine.

The ET is intended to be launched via a Kickstarter campaign soon, and the projected early bird price is only US$299, which is quite a deal for a high speed 3D printer and laser engraver.


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