DoD Modernization Challenge Invites 3D Printing Proposals

America Makes has announced a collaboration with the Department of Defense (DoD) for the OIB Modernization Challenge. The initiative allocates $2.5M to fund projects enhancing dual-use applications in manufacturing, with a focus on efficiency and repair capabilities for defense equipment. The challenge targets 10 areas, including digital technologies and workforce development, aimed at advancing the Organic Industrial Base (OIB). Participation requires America Makes membership by November 29, 2023.

DoD Modernization Challenge Invites 3D Printing Proposals

The OIB Modernization Challenge emphasizes the transition from production to adaptable repair and modification of defense equipment. In line with the DoD’s objectives, the project call seeks innovative solutions across several technological areas. These range from integrated hardware trackers and novel recycling techniques to the development of digital data packages and the digitization of manufacturing processes. Moreover, the challenge underscores the importance of data over testing for part production qualification, aiming to streamline the modernization of manufacturing floors.

America Makes plays a pivotal role in aligning the interests of various stakeholders in the additive manufacturing (AM) sector with those of national defense. The initiative presents an opportunity for members to contribute to the United States’ manufacturing agility and strategic defense capabilities. Proposals should address one or more of the specified focus areas, offering solutions that reinforce the DoD’s modernization trajectory.

In future, the success of such challenges may lead to a more integrated and technologically advanced defense manufacturing landscape, where rapid adaptation and innovation are standard practice.

Proposers for this project call are advised to reference the RFP for full details and guidelines at this link.

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