Advancements in Valve Trim Technology by Emerson

Emerson recently unveiled its Fisher Whisper Trim Technology, designed to enhance noise reduction in rotary and globe valves. This technology integrates additive manufacturing and advanced techniques to innovate trim designs, augmenting Emerson’s existing Whisper noise solutions portfolio.

The new Fisher Whisper Trim technology mitigates noise in industrial settings, generated due to high-pressure drops across valves leading to high fluid velocities. This aerodynamic noise is directly proportional to gas velocity, posing risks like hearing damage, and potentially harming tubing, equipment, and valve components.

Rotary valves, typically more cost-effective than globe valves, are more susceptible to noise due to trim configuration constraints. The new rotary style Fisher Whisper Trim Technology utilizes additive manufacturing to achieve up to 20 A-weighted decibels (dBA) of sound level reduction, a 10 dBA improvement from traditional manufacturing methods. This innovation maintains high flow capacities characteristic of rotary valves, offering a cost-effective alternative to globe valves.

Advancements in Valve Trim Technology by Emerson
Emerson’s 3D printed valve trims. (Image Credit: Emerson)

Conversely, globe valves have a variety of low-noise trims, with complexity correlating to noise reduction, cost, and flow capacity. The new globe-style Fisher Whisper Trim Technology, through additive manufacturing, enhances flow capacity by 20%, while achieving up to 30 dBA noise reduction. This allows for smaller valves in spaces that traditionally required larger ones, saving both space and cost.

Emerson’s new technology provides substantial noise reduction without the disadvantages of previous designs, expanding options for end users dealing with noise issues in valve installations.

The use of additive manufacturing not only addresses the noise reduction effectively but also maintains the high flow capacities, especially in rotary valves. The cost savings and space efficiency brought about by these innovations in both rotary and globe valves present a promising future for valve technology in various industrial applications.

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