3D Printing Industry News Sliced: Formnext 2023 launch previews, Dressler Group, Interspectral, Farsoon Technologies, AddUp, and more

In this edition of Sliced, the 3D Printing Industry news digest, we cover new 3D printing system launches at Formnext 2023, the latest business developments, partnerships, and acquisitions in the additive manufacturing sector.

The 3D Printing Industry team will be present this week at Formnext 2023 in Frankfurt, get in touch if you’d like to meet. In this edition of Sliced, you can see a preview of some of the news from the show.

Today’s edition features a host of new material launches, software, partnership announcements, and new 3D printers from Sharebot.

Read on for the most recent updates from Dressler Group, Interspectral, Farsoon Technologies, AddUp, and more.

New materials from Dressler Group, Forward AM, ALTANA, and more

3D printing materials and services provider CRP Technology will be showcasing its latest materials and functional parts made with Windform at booth B41, Hall 11.1 during Formnext this week. Visitors can explore the innovative Windform TPU, a new rubber-like material, and the sustainable Windform XT 2.0 IMG, an injection molding material made from recycled unsintered Windform powders. The company will also display parts manufactured with Windform for the Aerospace and Automotive sectors. Notable exhibits include a mockup of FLYING-CAM’s UAS Discovery and a model of Experia, Energica Motor Company’s no-emission Green Tourer motorcycle, both featuring Windform components.

3D printed part created using Windform TPU. Photo via CRP Technology.
3D printed part created using Windform TPU. Photo via CRP Technology.

Thermoplastic powder manufacturer Dressler Group (DG) will be at Formnext 2023, where it will unveil its renewed customer-centric approach. With a focus on tailored and efficient services, Dressler Group aims to meet the evolving market demands for quality, sustainability, recycling, and efficiency. The company will offer a comprehensive range of 3D plastic powders, including classic, biobased, and recycled options, and provide expert guidance on selecting the optimal raw materials. This proactive stance underscores its commitment to delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions, says the company. Additionally, CEO Jan Dressler emphasizes the benefits of DG’s strategic reorganization in support of its customers.

Global chemical production company BASF‘s 3D printing division Forward AM is announcing new products with exceptional functionality and peak performance at Formnext 2023 in Frankfurt, Hall 12.1, Booth D61, from November 7 to 10. The company’s new product releases include Ultrasint PA11 rCF and Ultracur3D 9400 B FR. CEO and Managing Director Martin Back will participate in discussions highlighting the significance of partnerships along the value chain. The company will introduce new products to facilitate novel applications and underline its commitment to sustainability. Forward AM’s #ProjectZero initiative, dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint, continues to grow, with new LCA studies and environmental impact reduction efforts, says the company.

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“Additive Manufacturing is the strategic element of any manufacturing business that wants to future-proof its activities. In the race against time, adoption of existing AM applications and collaboration to create new ones is a matter of survival. And at every step of the way, we have to consider our environmental footprint. I am proud that the products and sustainability measures that we’re launching at Formnext bring new innovation dimensions to an industry that is under pressure to transform,” said CEO and Managing Director Martin Back.

Specialty chemicals group ALTANA is expanding its Cubic Ink 3D printing material portfolio for DLP, LCD, and SLA applications and inks for material jetting suitable for automotive, aerospace, and medical sectors. Among the products introduced is Cubic Ink High Performance 2-1400 VP, ideal for SLA applications. These advancements will be showcased at Formnext 2023 in Hall 12.1, Booth F99. ALTANA’s focus on system-open and industry-applicable additive manufacturing offers extensive solution expertise, including high-performance materials and inkjet inks. The lineup includes series like Mold 210 VP, 601 VP, High Performance 4-1301 VP, and High Performance 4-2800 VP-ESD, addressing diverse needs. 

Novel software from SCANLAB, Interspectral, and Create it Real

At Formnext 2023, SCANLAB will showcase its contribution to metal 3D printing systems, featuring high-quality laser scan systems and control solutions. It will also highlight the new SCANmotionControl software, which enables industrial machines to achieve ultra-precise printing results. Facilitating seamless integration with leading software providers, this solution synchronizes scan systems, lasers, and peripherals, optimizing trajectory calculations and energy input. SCANLAB will also display the ultra-precise printing results, achieved through the collaboration with Fraunhofer ILT, which can be deployed on industrial machines using the new SCANmotionControl software.Visitors can explore SCANLAB’s offerings at Hall 12.0, Stand D12, and attend the technical presentation, ‘High-Resolution Laser Scanner Control for Highest Quality LPBF Parts,’ on November 7, 2023, at Hall 12.0, Stand E26.

“With the use of SCANmotionControl, for example, we were able to avoid edge bulging on complex components – and not just in the lab. Using the software, the results can easily be applied to an industrial scale,” explains Dr. Tobias Pichler, Process & Systems Engineering, Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT.

Interspectral is introducing a deep integration with EOSCONNECT Core in AM Explorer which enhances process monitoring for EOS customers, at Formnext 2023. This integration provides easy access to comprehensive process monitoring data, benefiting various industries, including aerospace, space, defense, and automotive. It streamlines quality control, improves efficiency, and reduces costs, making it a valuable addition to additive manufacturing. The solution has already been successfully deployed at EOS end customers globally, and its capabilities are set to reduce manual quality inspection costs by more than 50%.

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Interspectral offers an integration with EOSCONNECT Core in AM Explorer. Photo via Interspectral.
Interspectral offers an integration with EOSCONNECT Core in AM Explorer. Photo via Interspectral.

Danish software firm Create it Real has partnered with AIM3D to integrate the Voxelfill process as a plug-in into the ExAM 255 and ExAM 510 system technology. Voxelfill, a patented technology by AIM3D, addresses the issue of inhomogeneous strength properties common in 3D printing. Create it Real’s slicing software, SlicEx, will enable users to leverage Voxelfill technology, achieving defined selective densities in 3D components made from metals, plastics, fiber-filled plastics, and ceramics. At Formnext 2023 in Frankfurt, both companies will introduce the SlicEx 3D printer software and the Voxelfill plug-in.

Business deals from MadeInAdd, and Farsoon Technologies

On-demand design and production bureau MadeInAdd is making its debut at Formnext 2023 at Hall 11.1 – Stand C59, offering new services, consultancy, and an exclusive training course for those entering the additive manufacturing world. Born from a collaborative project involving the Boost Innovation Fund, MIMETE, and PUNCH Torino, MadeInAdd aims to accelerate the adoption of additive technologies beyond simple part production. The company’s website is a central hub for various services, offering instant quotes, engineering consultancy, and an intuitive platform for exploring 3D printing options. MadeInAdd’s extensive network of partners ensures quality output, making it a valuable resource for additive manufacturing.

Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Farsoon Technologies is expanding its presence in the Southeast Asian footwear market through a collaboration with ChanhonTech, an industrial 3D printing solutions provider with a specialization in digital footwear solutions. ChanhonTech will distribute Farsoon’s metal and plastic powder bed fusion systems and offer comprehensive solutions to the Southeast Asian footwear industry. At Formnext 2023, Farsoon will showcase its FS621M and Flight SS403P-2 production platforms and announce global installations of these systems. This partnership aims to transform footwear manufacturing in Southeast Asia by providing top-quality additive manufacturing solutions.

Jack Cheng, Farsoon’s Board Member & Deputy General Manager said, “As of today, the total number of athletic shoes produced by Farsoon metal 3D printed shoe molds has reached over 100,000+ pairs. With the strong collaboration between Farsoon and ChanhonTech, I believe we will offer highly productive and value-added 3D printing solutions revolutionizing Footwear manufacturing in Southeast Asia.”

Farsoon Technologies' Formnext 2023 banner. Photo via Farsoon Technologies.
Farsoon Technologies’ Formnext 2023 banner. Photo via Farsoon Technologies.

Emerging partnerships from AddUp, and nTop

In 2020, MT Aerospace and AddUp joined forces to advance metal additive manufacturing in Europe. The recent addition of two FormUp 350 PBF machines, equipped with titanium and aluminum powder, expands MT Aerospace’s offerings, benefiting various industrial sectors, including aerospace, space, defense, automotive, and energy. These machines, in conjunction with AddUp’s technology, enhance productivity, reduce post-processing, and offer a 15% faster build rate. The partnership further extends to supporting industrial customers on their AM journey, leveraging the combined expertise of both companies. AddUp will showcase key applications developed in collaboration with MT Aerospace at Formnext 2023 at its booth (Hall 11.0 – Stand E43).

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Engineering software developer nTop and Autodesk have partnered to transform design, 3D modeling, and manufacturing by combining nTop and Autodesk Fusion. Implicit modeling, a rising approach, complements traditional CAD software, enabling intricate, repetitive, and data-driven designs. nTop excels in implicit modeling, while Autodesk Fusion introduces volumetric lattice capabilities. This integration streamlines the transfer of complex designs between platforms, optimizing workflows. It enhances lightweighting, thermal management, architected materials, and broadens possibilities for additive manufacturing. The collaborative effort seamlessly integrates complex implicit designs into the digital thread, offering comprehensive simulation capabilities. Slated for a release in early 2024, the companies will exhibit live demonstrations at Autodesk Booth 11.0 B41 during Formnext 2023.

Sharebot launches new 3D printers

Italian 3D printer developer Sharebot is introducing the ‘LEGO Concept’ at FormNext 2023, which the company explains as a “groundbreaking philosophy” that applies to its Snowwhite (SLS) and metalONE (SLM) 3D printers. This novel concept draws inspiration from the flexibility of LEGO bricks, allowing users to modularly assemble, reassemble, and configure printers to match their specific requirements. This adaptable approach not only enhances customization but also leads to cost savings, improved efficiency, and quicker project adaptation. Sharebot will exhibit this new technology at Formnext this week from November 7 to 10, located at Hall 12.1, booth E118.

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Featured image shows Interspectral offers an integration with EOSCONNECT Core in AM Explorer. Photo via Interspectral.

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