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Staring an Etsy Business for Dummies (Source: Amazon)

This week’s selection is “Starting an Etsy Business for Dummies” by Kate Shoup and Kate Gatski.

Etsy is now the world’s leading online platform for individual craft-makers to market their products to a global audience. The site is designed for individual makers to set up an online store for product display and sale.

This is an important niche, as there are skilled makers everywhere. However, while these folks are good at making items, they are usually not so good in the domain of setting up online sales websites and associated marketing.

That’s where Etsy steps in: they provide a tremendously easy experience to create a personalized online shop for maker products. Today there are many thousands of makers plying their wares on Etsy.

In the world of 3D printing there are plenty of makers using Etsy: it makes sense, as our 3D printers can easily produce quantities of parts on demand. Why not sell them?

The technology has enabled some makers to grow their small business by scaling up with more than one 3D printing. As their Etsy business grows, they can add more 3D printers to produce more products. There’s even new software available to help make this happen.

But what are the best practices in setting up an Etsy shop? What are the best products to make? How should you name your online store? What are the logistics involved? Are there legal issues to handle?

All these questions and many more are answered in the book “Starting an Etsy Business for Dummies”, which is now in its fourth edition, and released just a few weeks ago.

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The book covers the complete range of information required to succeed as an Etsy shopowner, from setting up the online shop to determining what and how to sell. The book covers aspects that may be needed by makers, such as marketing planning and how to develop outstanding customer service.

If you’re a maker with a 3D print that wants to sell prints, this book could be a good way to learn how to do so on Etsy.

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