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The CR-10 SE high speed 3D printer (Source: Creality)

Creality announced the CR-10 SE, a printer engineered for advanced users with an emphasis on achieving a superior first layer.

Creality and the CR-10 Line

Creality, long a leader in producing desktop 3D printers, has produced machines ranging from budget-friendly to professional-grade. The original CR-10 was their breakthrough product many years ago, and they still produce more advanced variations of the popular device. The new SE model represents the latest iteration, bringing in several new features aimed at refining 3D printing workflows.

CR-10 SE Details

So what’s on offer with the CR-10 SE? The machine integrates several upgrades that significantly advance the capability of the machine:

  • Completely Automated Bed Leveling: Incorporating CR Touch and pressure sensors, the device aims to eliminate manual adjustments for bed leveling, a requirement to achieve a clean and reliable first layer.
  • Precision Movement: With high-strength bearing steel frame construction and precision ball screw linear guides, the CR-10 SE promises should provide more precise motion on the X/Y axis, described by Creality as “exceptionally smooth”.
  • Speed Metrics: The machine’s specs indicate a maximum print speed of up to whopping 600mm/s, with an acceleration of 8,000mm/s2. This machine can print a #3DBenchy in under 20 minutes!
  • Advanced Cooling: The CR-10 SE’s cooling fan runs 12,000 rpm, able to more rapidly cool material during high speed printing.
  • Extrusion Mechanics: The CR-10 SE uses the company’s versatile “Sprite” direct-drive dual-gear extruder that can push filament with up to 65N of force through an advanced gearing design.
  • Heavy Duty Hot End: The CR-10 SE includes a powerful 60W ceramic heater to better ensure filament heating as it rapidly passes through the hot end, which is capable of handling 300C temperatures.
  • Material Compatibility: The hot end and extrusion system are able to handle a wide variety of materials, including high temperature, high strength, and flexible filaments, including: PLA, PETG, PET, TPU, PLA Wood fiber, ABS, ASA, PA, and PLA-CF.
  • Healthy Build Volume: The CR-10 SE’s build volume is a generous 220 x 220 x 265 mm.
  • Advanced Controller Board: Running Creality OS is a dual-core 32-bit 1.2GHz CPU and 8GB of RAM, and equipped with advanced firmware algorithms to ensure print quality, and the ability to monitor operations remotely through WiFi and Creality Cloud.
  • Reliability Features: The machine includes a filament run-out sensor and power-loss detection to automatically pause operations and resume later.
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Creality has set the price of the CR-10 SE at only US$459 at product launch.

The focus on achieving a perfect first layer, facilitated by automated bed leveling, is a big step in the right direction, and now should be a standard feature on every 3D printer. Similarly, the high-speed printing capabilities are slowly becoming a standard, with now several machines from Creality boasting high print speeds.

High-Speed Printing: A Growing Trend

It’s worth mentioning that Creality is increasingly moving towards high-speed printing capabilities, as demonstrated by their recent releases including the K1 3D printer. This could signify a market trend where speed is becoming a standard feature and expectation of the market. However, speed shouldn’t overshadow other critical factors like accuracy, durability, and ease of use.

Via Creality

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