Raise3D new DF2 resin 3D printer at Formnext 2023

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3D printer manufacturer Raise3D has introduced the DF2 solution, a new addition to its portfolio of professional and industrial 3D printing solutions, at Formnext 2023, and the company’s first resin-based 3D printer.

The DF2 Solution by Raise3D offers rapid printing speeds, refined surfaces, and high precision, making it ideal for engineering prototyping and low-volume production. Its comprehensive 3D printing workflow includes the DF2 3D printer, DF Wash for automated cleaning, DF Cure for advanced curing, specialized resins, and ideaMaker slicing software. The range of resins, from user-friendly standard resin to durable tough 2K resin, high-detail resin, and rigid 3K resin, caters to diverse applications. This versatile solution addresses a variety of manufacturing needs with precision and reliability.

Promoting open material innovation and operational ease for enhanced 3D printing

Designed to foster an open material platform for innovation, the DF2 Solution is supported by the introduction of the Open Resin Program (ORP). This program is a collaborative initiative between Raise3D and resin manufacturers, with the primary goal of identifying and selecting top-performing resins specifically tailored for the DF2 Solution. Regarding traceable and user-friendly operations, the DF2 Solution seamlessly incorporates smart build plate technology and optimized resin management. Enabling operators to effortlessly oversee washing and curing phases, the smart build plate seamlessly integrates with post-processing devices using embedded RFID tags. The integration of streamlined resin management features, such as Auto Resin Refill and Resin Material Auto-Recognition, further enhances operational efficiency.

Smooth surfaces and an advanced support structure ensure superior print quality with the DF2. Its 78.5 μm XY pixel, 2560 x 1440 resolution, and Anti-Aliasing technology enable detailed prints. Enhanced reliability is achieved through a state-of-the-art light engine, precise optical control, and a stable printing environment, featuring curated LED sources, a dedicated DMD chip, and a low-distortion glass lens. The heated chamber and dust-proof design contribute to stable printing outcomes.

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Efficient and safe workflow features encompass reduced manual tasks, effortless maintenance, and versatility. This is achieved through automated drainage, user-friendly automatic pump and door mechanisms, and the DF Wash flushing system. Consequently, it streamlines operations and minimizes manual intervention and user exposure to chemical residues. The company is reallocating resources to fortify resin development as a core competency, says Raise3D. Strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Henkel and BASF Forward AM validate the DF2 Solution’s capability, proven through successful material tests, including LOCTITE 3D IND405, LOCTITE 3D PRO476, Ultracur3D RG 3280, and Ultracur3D RG 1100 B.

Raise3D DF2 smart built plate. Photo via Raise3D.
Raise3D DF2 smart built plate. Photo via Raise3D.

Technical specifications and pricing

Print technology DLP
Build size (W×D×H) 200 x 112 x 300 mm (7.87 x 4.41 x 11.8 inch)
Machine size (W×D×H) 450 x 400 x 730 mm (17.7 x 15.7 x 28.7 inch)
XY Resolution 2560 x 1440
Max Z Workload 10 kg
Max Printing Speed 25 mm/h (0.1 mm per layer)
Layer Height 50-100 micron
Resin Level Detection Yes
Auto Resin Refill Yes
Control Panel Touch Screen (1920 x 720, Magic Layout)
RFID Print Platform Yes
Level Calibration Calibrated in Factory
Chamber Heating Yes (Max. 40℃)
Compatible Resins and Available Colors Raise3D Standard: White; Raise3D High Detail: Apricot; Raise3D Tough 2K: Grey; Raise3D Rigid 3K: Grey; Raise3D High Clear: Coming Soon; Raise3D High Temperature: Coming Soon; 3rd Party Resin: Supported by Open Resin Program through validation

Until November 30, 2023, customers have the opportunity to benefit from an exclusive 10% discount on all orders. Shipping to customers is anticipated to commence in the first quarter of 2024.

MSRP in Europe MSRP in USA
DF2 €4,499 $4,999
DF Wash €1,399 $1,599
DF Cure €1,599 $1,899
Auto Fill Station €449 $499
Total €7,946 $8,996
DF2 Solution €6,999 $7,999
Savings €947 $997

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Featured image shows Raise3D DF2 solution. Photo via Raise3D.

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