A first look at the 3DMakerpro Seal 3D scanner: compact, user-friendly, and high-resolution 3D scanning

High-precision 3D scanner manufacturer 3DMakerpro recently launched its newest 3D scanner offering, the Seal.    The Seal 3D scanner is billed as offering high accuracy and resolution, whilst being compact and easy to use. 3DMakerpro is offering 10% off on their official online store. This article will highlight the key features of 3DMakerpro’s new scanner, evaluate […]

Innovations in Microfluidics: Fabricating PDMS Devices with 3D Printed Master Molds

The journey of fabricating PDMS devices for microfluidic applications has seen significant advancements over recent years. Moving from traditional techniques like photolithography to more cost-effective alternatives like soft lithography, new research is now exploring the integration of 3D printing and how it can fit into existing device fabrication workflows. Canadian-based 3D printer manufacturer and 3D […]

SharkNinja’s Integration of 3D Printing in Product Design and Development « Fabbaloo

(Source: SharkNinja) Charles R. Goulding and Preeti Sulibhavi discuss SharkNinja’s ongoing and potential 3D printing activities and opportunities. SharkNinja is a small appliance manufacturer headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts with a US$4.7 billion stock market value. Despite the catchy name of the company, it is relatively unknown since it was recently created as a spin-out of […]

Creality’s Expanding Global Engagement in 3D Printing « Fabbaloo

Attending Sharefest 2023 in Maryland (Source: Creality) SPONSORED CONTENT Creality successfully hosted its second user meetup, ShareFest Maryland 2023. Creality’s Growth and Initiatives From its headquarters in China, Creality has frequently engaged with the 3D printing community, often with major events. Their events, including the inaugural ShareFest in Goshen, IN, have served as platforms for […]

Progreso 3D Prints Seismic-Resistant House in Guatemala

Cement firm Progreso recently accomplished the construction of Guatemala’s inaugural 3D printed building. Designed to endure the region’s seismic occurrences, this prototype merges advanced 3D printing methodologies with the area’s conventional artistry, evident in its thatched roof. 3D printed and thatched. (Image Credit: Progreso) The edifice was constructed utilizing COBOD’s BOD2 printer, renowned for its […]

Osaka University Makes Progress in Precision Bioprinting

Recent advancements in bioprinting open possibilities for repairing organ damage by cultivating replacements in labs. A key challenge is accurately bioprinting live cells into 3D structures that mimic biological tissues. Osaka University researchers, in a study published in ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering, have made strides in this domain, overcoming previous barriers to geometrical fidelity […]

Mosaic Manufacturing Launches the Innovative Array / Element System « Fabbaloo

The Array system (Source: Mosaic Manufacturing) At long last, Mosaic Manufacturing finally released their sophisticated Array / Element system. We’ve written about this system previously and have even seen it in person several times. It’s an innovative combination of 3D printers and automation, all in a neat package. The Element 3D printer (Source: Mosaic Manufacturing) […]

NASA 3D prints aluminum RAMFIRE rocket engine nozzles to enable deep space exploration

NASA, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration, has successfully 3D printed and tested a new rocket engine nozzle as part of its Reactive Additive Manufacturing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or RAMFIRE, project.  NASA engineers from the Huntsville-based Marshall Space Flight Center developed the new RAMFIRE nozzle in collaboration with material developer Elementum 3D. […]

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