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Full color 3D printed gaming miniature from Only Games (Source: Fabbaloo)

Only Games announced a new full color 3D printing capability.

The company is a 3D print service bureau specializing in gaming miniatures. Readers may recall that this company was acquired by MyMiniFactory last year to provide a way for their model buying customers to easily get them printed.

Then about a year ago Only Games announced they had gained the ability to 3D print full color 3D models. This was done through a set of pre-textured models on the site.

Now they’ve announced that they have acquired a more expansive full color 3D printing capability. They explained:

“, part of the MyMiniFactory 3D-printing community, has announced it has new state-of-the-art industrial 3D color printers, and added full-color 3D printing to its on-demand offering. Now, indie creators can upload their digitally colored 3D designs to their store, and when a customer buys one of their creations, 3D-prints the model, to order, in a full spectrum of colors. Not only this, but the company also packages the model with the designer’s chosen branding and ships it to the customer worldwide, within 10 days.”

This is quite interesting because it allows figurine designers a way to not only design the 3D geometry, but also the color texture scheme for products — and then get them automatically printed on demand for customers. Previously, designers would most often be limited to mono-color prints.

While these designers could in theory set up their own 3D printing operation by acquiring a set of resin 3D printers and associated equipment, there is no easy way for individuals to gain “personal” full color 3D printing. The equipment and materials are far too expensive unless you’re running the equipment 24/7.

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That barrier has now been broken, and in a way that is easy for game figure designers to take part.

Via Only Games


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