Oerlikon to Relocate AM Business to North Carolina

Oerlikon, headquartered in Switzerland, is set to realign its additive manufacturing business by consolidating its AM production in Huntersville, North Carolina, USA. This decision stems from the recognition of the US as a key growth market for AM technology and challenges faced in the German market.

Oerlikon to Relocate AM Business to North Carolina
Oerlikon facility in NC. (Image Credit: Oerlikon)

The relocation aims to capitalize on the favorable conditions in the US, including higher market acceptance for disruptive technologies. The focus in Huntersville will be on sectors like semiconductors. Oerlikon’s European and international customers will be served from this US location.

The transition involves moving production from Barleben and Shanghai in 2024, ensuring minimal disruption for existing customers. The company’s R&D facility in Garching, Germany, will continue to innovate in advanced materials, surface coatings, and digitalization. Oerlikon’s Surface Solutions division, which oversees the AM business, originated as a startup focusing on 3D applications for industries such as aerospace and semiconductors.

3D printed components for semiconductor manufacturing
3D printed components for semiconductor manufacturing. (Image Credit: Oerlikon)

This move signifies a strategic shift in Oerlikon’s approach to AM, leveraging the US’s market dynamics and business environment. It reflects a broader trend in the AM industry of aligning operations with key markets and technological advancements.

Going forward, this strategic relocation could influence how AM businesses operate globally, particularly in balancing market demands and innovation capabilities. The shift may encourage other companies to reassess their operational strategies in light of regional market trends and technological developments.

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