Nexa3D enters metal 3D printing market with Headmade Materials ColdMetalFusion

Nexa3D, known for its ultrafast polymer 3D printing technology, is venturing into metal additive manufacturing domain by integrating Headmade Materials’ unique feedstock technology with its fast-cycle QLS SLS 3D printers, paving the way for enhanced metal part production.

The promise here is how Nexa3D’s strategic partnership with Headmade Materials will leverage its 3D printing know-how, enabling the manufacture of high-performance metal components with unprecedented efficiency and precision.

Titanium green part and finished part. Photo via Nexa3D.
Titanium green part and finished part. Photo via Nexa3D.

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Flexible SLS 3D printing for polymers and metals

The collaboration announcement explains that Nexa3D enters the metal 3D printing world through ColdMetalFusion, bolstering its SLS capacities. Building on its earlier acquisition of XYZ’s SLS technology, Nexa3D has now extended its capabilities in metal additive production under the new partnership with Headmade Materials. This strategic alliance lets Nexa3D customers harness the ColdMetalFusion ecosystem’s merits, with the company emphasizing speed, repeatability, and precision.

Nexa3D has a history of constantly pushing the 3D printing envelope, our engineering team was impressed with the company’s XiP 3D printer. It will be interesting to see how the company showcases its commitment to additive production excellence during Formnext in November. 

Christian Fischer, Co-CEO of Headmade Materials, lauds Nexa3D’s capabilities and sees immense potential in the collaboration. “We are impressed by the speed and throughput capabilities of Nexa3D technology and couldn’t be more excited to partner with them to expand access and adoption of ColdMetal Fusion technology,” said the Headmade Materials Co-CEO. 

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With this move, the intent is to provide a comprehensive ecosystem: Together, Nexa3D and Headmade aim to provide customers with a holistic suite of services, tools, materials, and insights as the latest member of the metal additive sector. A statement from Nexa3D says combined experience and solutions make “Nexa3D a perfect fit as a new member of the metal manufacturing industry, bringing its passion for sustainable digitization of supply chains to the metals space.”

Nexa3D believes the QLS series is, “the most flexible industrial SLS platform for polymer and metal parts production,” citing the experience of customer MIMplus Technologies. The German manufacturer makes 25 million components annually, using a range of technologies, and has seen a successful deployment of the QLS 230 and ColdMetalFusion in crafting industrial tools, noting significant production savings.

John Calhoun, Nexa3D’s Head of SLS Business Development, encapsulates the excitement and promise of the partnership, believing in ColdMetalFusion’s potential to set new benchmarks in metal component manufacturing. “We believe it provides our customers with best-in-class production economics for manufacturing metal components,” said Calhoun.

The Nexa3D QLS 236. Photo via Nexa3D.
The Nexa3D QLS 236. Photo via Nexa3D.

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