New WASP App Boosts Creativity in Clay 3D Printing

Italian 3D printer company WASP, known for their large delta-type printers has announced the release of App v0.2, a slicing and parametric 3D modeling software designed specifically for clay 3D printing. Developed in-house at WASP, the new tool enables users to unleash their creative potential by manipulating various design parameters like shape, size, texture, and slicing settings.

You can see what it looks like in the screenshot below.

New WASP App Boosts Creativity in Clay 3D Printing
Screenshot from WASP App v0.2.

The WASP App aims to be truly accessible to all thanks to its user-friendly approach, and having played with it for a while, we can confirm it is both very parametric, and very easy to use. Even without a background in 3D modeling or slicing, anyone can dive right into the world of clay 3D printing. The application’s straightforward steps guide users through selecting their printer, shaping their product using parametric design, adding textures, and editing slicing settings before exporting their G-code for immediate printing using WASP’s clay printers.

WASP has been a pioneer in clay 3D printing since 2012, setting new industry standards. Their modeling software journey began with their Vase Generator app, and now, with WASP App v0.2, they continue to push the boundaries of easy-modeling (and slicing) innovation..

This new version offers free access via the web, allowing users to experiment and test their creations on their 3D printers. Future updates will introduce exciting features, such as queuing different G-code in the same file, facilitating the production of unique sets of vases, tiles, facades, and other design objects with ease. These enhancements align perfectly with the recently unveiled WASP 40100 Clay Production System, a digital factory for automated 24/7 customized piece production.

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WASP App v0.2 will open a world of possibilities for artists, designers, and hobbyists to dive into clay 3D printing with confidence and creativity.

To experience the WASP App right now, visit this link, and get ready to witness the future of clay 3D printing, all at your ceramic-slurry covered fingertips!

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