Nano3Dprint Collaboration Brings Electronics Printing to Taiwan

Nano3Dprint, a pioneering additive manufacturing solutions provider, known for their range of nano and micro scale electronics 3D printers, is extending its reach to Taiwan through a strategic partnership with Collimage International Co., Ltd.

The collaboration introduces Nano3Dprint’s cutting-edge technology, including the A2200 3D multi-material electronics printer and the B3300 dual-dispensing 3D printer, to the Taiwanese market. The company is also responsible for the development of the D4200S printer, which is notable as the printer with the highest resolution in the world, which utilizes atomic force microscopy in its design.

electronic gadgets printer
A2200: good for printing wearables and many other electronic gadgets. (Image Credit: Nano3Dprint)

“This partnership opens a gateway to untapped opportunities, propels our brand to new heights and enables us to reach an even wider audience eager for our innovative technology,” said Ramsey Stevens, CEO at nano3Dprint.

Through distribution in Taiwan, nano3Dprint hopes to empower a thriving community of researchers, makers and innovators.

“By expanding our product lineup, our business captures the attention of a broader audience while rekindling a fresh perspective among our existing customers,” Alan Tuan, president of Collimage International, adds. “We look forward to creating a new market in Taiwan for nano3Dprint.”

It seems to be working, as National Taiwan University has already embraced this advancement, utilizing the printers in a photonics lab course. Undergraduate students at the university are harnessing these tools to design and manufacture metallic electrode patterns, driving the innovation of self-powered solar devices. This partnership marks a significant stride in additive manufacturing’s global expansion and its diverse applications.

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