Microsoft Unveils 3D Printed Surface Pen Grips for Accessibility

Microsoft is taking a giant leap in its mission to enhance inclusivity and accessibility with the introduction of adaptive 3D printed grips for the Surface Pen. This innovative move was recently highlighted during the Surface and AI event, reaffirming the tech giant’s commitment to making technology more user-friendly for all.

Microsoft Unveils 3D Printed Surface Pen Grips for Accessibility
The 3D printed grip makes the pen more usable for all. (Image Credit: Microsoft)

The adaptive 3D printed Pen Grips for the Surface Pen offer users a unique opportunity to customize their pens, ensuring comfort and ease of use. By allowing individuals to tailor their writing tools to their specific needs, Microsoft is promoting longer and more comfortable work sessions, whether it’s for school or professional purposes.

This initiative is part of Microsoft’s broader strategy to bridge the disability divide by providing more inclusive accessories. Following the success and lessons learned from the Xbox Adaptive Controller, designed to make gaming accessible to people with disabilities, the company is extending its efforts to empower individuals with disabilities in various aspects of life, including education and work.

These adaptive accessories, including the Surface Pen grips, offer users the chance to work effectively and express themselves beyond the traditional trackpad and keyboard. Microsoft has collaborated with Shapeways for the production and distribution of these grips, offering a range of designs and customization options.


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