Mastercam Releases APlus Add-on for Additive Manufacturing

Mastercam, the world’s #1 CAM software provider, has announced a new add-on for users of their products. Mastercam APlus by CAMufacturing Solutions is designed to seamlessly integrate with Mastercam Mill, Lathe, or Router licenses, catering to the needs of a diverse user base.

What sets APlus apart is its user-friendly interface, which harnesses the familiarity of Mastercam’s traditional toolpath system. This means that APlus users can effortlessly program, backplot, and simulate their 3D printing projects just as they would with conventional toolpaths in Mastercam.


APlus leverages Direct Energy Deposition (DED) and boasts tailored toolpaths crafted specifically for handling various geometries in additive manufacturing. In addition, it offers features and utilities aimed at streamlining processes and boosting overall efficiency.

One of the standout features is hybrid manufacturing, which allows users to create parts from scratch, add features to existing components, or repair damaged parts. APlus, when combined with Mastercam, enables users to generate additive manufacturing toolpaths and visualize the additive and machining outcomes.

“Direct Energy Deposition is making its way into many machine shops, and being able to program hybrid or dedicated additive machines using Mastercam makes the transition seamless,” said Kenneth Fortier, Technical Product Manager at Mastercam.

“With the hybrid process of alternating material addition and milling, parts with internally machined features previously deemed impossible without additive manufacturing are now a reality.”

APlus isn’t just about reversing machining toolpaths; it’s designed to ensure efficient and practical results for the additive and hybrid manufacturing process.

An ideal application for APlus is blade repairs, where the tips of individual blades exhibit wear and tear. By machining off the worn tips using Mastercam’s toolpaths and then 3D printing or depositing material with APlus, users can dramatically reduce costs compared to purchasing new blades or stocking spare parts.

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Mastercam APlus by CAMufacturing Solutions is available through Mastercam’s worldwide Reseller network. For additional details, head on over to the company website right here.

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