Maserati Turns to 3D Printing for Body Modeling

Maserati has introduced the MCXtrema racer, a departure from traditional design methods, reflecting the brand’s racing heritage and modern technology. Revealed at Monterey Car Week, the track-only car exemplifies Maserati’s commitment to motorsport. Unlike its predecessors, the MCXtrema was designed solely through computer-based methods, transforming the creation process.

Maserati Turns to 3D Printing for Body Modeling
The MCXtrema race car used AM instead of clay modeling. (Image Credit: Maserati)

Klaus Busse, Maserati’s Head of Design, shared that the MCXtrema’s design-to-prototype timeline is notably short, primarily due to its computer-based approach. This enabled real-time input from engineers, fostering collaboration between design and engineering. The design work itself was completed in just 8 weeks.

Notably, 3D printing played a role in crafting various components of the MCXtrema. While the fundamental lines were established through computer-generated designs, intricate details were refined using 3D printed alternatives, departing from traditional clay modeling (which is still extensively used in car design). This approach facilitated precise visualization and fine-tuning of the car’s aesthetics.

For an interesting look at why luxury car brands still prefer clay modeling (for now), take a look at the video below.

Busse emphasized that this method aligns with Maserati’s aim to harmonize science and art, resulting in a sleek yet visually compelling race car. Although this approach may differ from the romanticized notions of Italian design, it underscores the brand’s dedication to innovation with modern manufacturing processes.

With a limited production of 62 units, the 730-HP MCXtrema targets a specific clientele seeking performance and luxury. A prototype is set to hit the track in January 2024, marking a significant moment for Maserati’s racing legacy.


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