HP’s Metal Jet: A catalyst for cross-industry collaboration and advancement

Multinational printing firm HP has announced a series of partnerships to advance its Metal Jet technology in additive manufacturing. 

Collaborating with Sandvik, GKN Additive, and Elnik‘s sister business DSH Technologies, HP aims to broaden material availability and innovations for the tooling industry. The collaborations involve the development of new materials like superalloys and competitively priced 316L, enhancing Metal Jet’s capabilities. Additionally, HP is strategically collaborating with GKN Additive to qualify a diverse range of materials for Metal Jet S100 customers, focusing on precision tooling with a specialized approach.

Ramon Pastor, Global Head of 3D Metals at HP, said, “This collaboration equips customers using HP’s commercial S100 Metal Jet Solution with advanced sintering capabilities, opening up new horizons in 3D printing for industries worldwide.”

HP's Metal Jet S100 3D printer. Photo via HP.
HP’s Metal Jet S100 3D printer. Photo via HP.

Collaborating with industry leaders to advance metal jet tooling

In collaboration with GKN Additive, HP focuses on advancing tooling through the Metal Jet S100 technology. The goal is to accelerate innovation in the tooling industry, achieving increased productivity and superior quality without traditional machining. Innovations include near-net shaped tools, precise contours through Wire/Sink Erosion, density enhancement with HIP, improved wear resistance via Plasma Nitriding, and superior surface properties with PVD-Coating.

GKN Additive and HP collaborate to expand materials and advancements in tooling. Combining GKN Additive’s material expertise with HP’s process knowledge accelerates qualification work. Customers can buy powders from GKN and use HP’s Professional Services for tailored development programs.

HP is collaborating with debind and sinter furnace specialist, Elnik Systems, to develop a specialized furnace configuration for processing metal additive manufactured parts. This collaboration is pivotal for advancing the Metal Jet system. Adapting to Binder Jet part-making technology requirements, Elnik has modified its standard metal injection molding (MIM) debind and sinter furnace. 

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Joining the collaborative effort, DSH Technologies, LLC, Elnik’s sister business, contributes technical processing knowledge and expertise. Together, the companies aid part producers with a go-to-market strategy centered on technical awareness and production scale capabilities, showcasing a comprehensive approach to advancing Binder Jet technology adoption.

Stefan Joens, President of Elnik Systems, said, “Working together with the HP team has been amazing. The mutual interest to see the Metal 3D printing technology advance through team-effort discussion, innovation, and desire is what will help this manufacturing technology become a fully capable processing method of the future.”

An alliance to develop new materials for metal 3D printing

Sandvik and HP are working in tandem with Parmatech and Endeavor 3D to develop novel materials. Alexandre Tartas, HP’s Global Head of Go-To-Market, HP Personalization & 3D Printing, underscores that these materials strategically empower customers, enabling the exploration of innovative applications, especially in the aerospace and industrial domains.

Combining HP’s process expertise with Sandvik’s materials knowledge, customers gain advantages in jointly developing materials aligned with their specifications. Additionally, direct powder purchases from Sandvik and access to HP’s Professional Services enable customers to establish tailored development programs, addressing their specific requirements and needs effectively.

Andrew Coleman, Head of Additive Manufacturing at Sandvik, says, ” By combining the expertise of our companies, I believe the collaboration will lead to advancements in both materials and manufacturing technology that will ultimately benefit our customers.”

HP Metal Jet S100: Transforming metal 3D printing 

HP’s Metal Jet S100 system made its debut at IMTS 2022. The Metal Jet S100 uses MIM materials for cost-efficient large-scale metal 3D printing. With HP’s 5,280-nozzle Thermal Inkjet printhead, it achieves precise fluid application, creating strong metal parts with high definition. Operating at a 1200 x 1200 dpi grid and layer thickness between 35 and 140 microns, it ensures accuracy and fine details. Parmatech and GKN Powder Metallurgy, early adopters of HP’s metal digital manufacturing, explored new opportunities and design freedoms, meeting automotive and industry standards.

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The positive reception of the Metal Jet S100’s debut was acknowledged, with Schneider Electric underlining the advantages of digital manufacturing and 3D printing. HP’s foray into metal 3D printing aligns with its existing polymer technologies, catering to applications across industries like automotive and packaging. Partner testimonials, such as those from John Deere and the Legor Group, illustrate Metal Jet’s influence in diverse sectors, highlighting a focus on innovation and sustainability.

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Featured image shows HP’s Metal Jet S100 3D printer. Photo via HP.

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