Harnessing iPhone and AM for Printing Pet Prosthetics

We often underestimate the capabilities of our smartphones, but companies such as New Jersey-based 3D Pets are showcasing how these devices can be utilized for wholesome purposes. Leveraging the LiDAR and TrueDepth camera features of iPhones, 3D Pets is breaking new ground in assisting animals with limb deformities or amputations.

Apple and tech influencer Marques Brownlee have recently highlighted 3D Pets’ work in creating personalized prosthetics for pets. The process involves capturing a 3D scan of the animal using the TrueDepth camera and subsequently designing and 3D printing a unique prosthesis.

Harnessing iPhone and AM for Printing Pet Prosthetics
Newly mobile dog, thanks to 3D printing. (Image Credit: 3DPets)

The folks at 3D Pets have set out on a remarkable mission – to completely transform how we help animals move better. They’re doing this by blending cutting-edge technology with genuine care. Their latest innovations include remarkable 3D Printed full-limb prosthetics and carts that replace older, less effective solutions for pets with mobility issues.

What sets them apart are their core principles – putting customers first with exceptional service, constantly seeking new ways to improve through the latest technologies, and staying wholeheartedly committed to their cause.

The magic happens by bringing together 3D scanning, personalized software, and 3D printing. Through these techniques, 3D Pets is making huge strides in modernizing pet orthotics and prosthetics. They’re finding solutions for animals that have lost limbs or face deformities, making sure each solution is tailor-made to improve how these pets get around.

These advancements do more than just address mobility problems; they’re also vivid proof of how technology can make a positive difference in the lives of our cherished animal friends.

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