FormFutura Advances Sustainable 3D Printing with ReFill 2.0

Dutch 3D printing material manufacturer FormFutura has unveiled its ReFill 2.0 system, marking a significant stride in sustainable 3D printing practices. The system is engineered to dramatically cut packaging waste by 80% and reduce shipping volume by up to 55%. The ReFill 2.0 system replaces traditional, individually spooled filament with a more sustainable model, featuring filament wound around a cardboard core. This core is secured with two reusable flanges, which users can either 3D print themselves from FormFutura’s provided STL files or purchase pre-printed.

FormFutura Advances Sustainable 3D Printing with ReFill 2.0
ReFill 2.0 system in location. (Image Credit: FormFutura)

A notable feature of the ReFill 2.0 system is its use of reusable Velcro straps instead of single-use alternatives. These straps not only secure the flanges but also allow for easy interchangeability between filaments, enhancing user convenience and reducing material waste. The system is compatible with most FDM printers, including the AMS system, and is available in 750g and 2000g coils, with plans to introduce larger sizes.

Guide on how the ReFill 2.0 system works. (Image Credit: FormFutura)

Developed based on feedback from print farms and production companies, the ReFill 2.0 system has been reported to significantly improve capacity utilization rates. Rien Schuurhuis, Chief Creative Officer/Co-Founder of FormFutura BV, emphasized the system’s alignment with the company’s goal of delivering a top-notch 3D printing experience while positively impacting the future.

FormFutura’s ReFill 2.0 system offers an efficient, user-friendly solution for reducing waste in 3D printing. Its innovative approach to filament packaging and delivery not only conserves resources but also positions the industry towards a more sustainable future.

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