Equispheres Acknowledged by US Army for Advancing Materials Technology

Equispheres, based in Ottawa, Canada, has been acknowledged by the US Army as a significant contributor to manufacturing and sustainment capabilities for the Department of Defense (DoD). This recognition came during the xTechInternational competition, which identifies advancements in manufacturing and materials beneficial to American industries. Equispheres, specializing in tailored material properties for metal additive manufacturing , was selected from over 130 candidates. Their technology is noted for enhancing speed, safety, and accessibility in metal AM, particularly in defense applications.

Equispheres Acknowledged by US Army for Advancing Materials Technology
Equispheres manufactures engineered powders for metal AM processes. (Image Credit: Equispheres)

Kevin Nicholds, CEO of Equispheres, expressed honor in the DoD’s recognition of their material technology’s suitability for defense uses. The company’s unique production process enables customization of material properties for specific applications, improving various aspects of metal AM. This capability aligns with the defense supply chain’s needs, offering a significant step in metal AM evolution.

Jessica Stillman, deputy program manager for the Army xTech Program, emphasized the importance of international collaboration in advancing military capabilities. The xTechInternational competition, focusing on advanced manufacturing and materials, saw its highest participation and award amount in this series, signaling a growing interest in such technologies.

Equispheres’ recognition by the US Army underscores the increasing relevance of tailored material properties in advancing metal additive manufacturing, particularly in defense applications. This development could influence trends in the industry, potentially leading to more efficient, safer, and versatile AM processes globally.

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