E3D and Diamondback introduce Revo Diamondback nozzle for high-performance 3D printing

Leading hotend manufacturer E3D has partnered with US-based synthetic brand DiamondBack to address the increasing demands for specialized filaments.

This alliance has introduced a new product, dubbed Revo DiamondBack nozzle, designed to cater to the challenges posed by filaments infused with fiber, metal, and ceramics. DiamondBack nozzles, constructed from Polycrystalline diamonds, represent a departure from conventional jewelry-grade diamonds. Unlike single-crystal diamonds, these nozzles incorporate multiple tiny diamond crystals with a proprietary binder, reducing brittleness while retaining exceptional hardness. The manufacturing process of these diamonds involves extreme heat and pressure, equivalent to “the entire weight of the Eiffel Tower concentrated on a 5-inch area,” says the company.

Revo Diamondback nozzle. Photo via E3D.
Revo DiamondBack nozzle. Photo via E3D.

Engineered for durability, efficiency, and high performance

The partnership leverages E3D’s ten years of experience to offer a novel solution within the Revo ecosystem. The Revo DiamondBack nozzles enable tool-free, room-temperature changes, ensuring prolonged printer operation at maximum efficiency. The material’s low coefficient of friction, complemented by a polished nozzle tip, facilitates ultra-smooth layering with an inherent ironing-like property for cleaner top surfaces.

Compatible with various Revo models, including Revo Hemera, Revo Voron, and Revo Prusa MK3, the DiamondBack nozzles weigh 8g and accommodate a filament diameter of 1.75mm. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in meeting the evolving needs of the 3D printing community, introducing a nozzle solution engineered for durability, efficiency, and high performance, says the company.

Nozzle technologies in 3D printing

Industrial 3D printer manufacturer Liqtra unveiled its LIQTRA FX-7 Pro 3D printer featuring multi-nozzle technology, utilizing up to seven nozzles in a single print head. Controlled individually, the technology enhances productivity by up to 300% and increases part strength by 37%, maintaining geometric detail. The LIQTRA planning software, an AI-powered multi-nozzle slicer, optimizes part orientation, sets process parameters, and manages individual nozzle control.

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Belgian startup Sculpman introduced its patented ‘Variable Nozzle Technology‘ for extrusion-based 3D printing. Departing from traditional fixed-size circular nozzles, Sculpman’s design features a continuously variable rectangular opening, allowing it to deposit flat tracks up to 10mm in width. This solution enables faster print times, reducing hours to minutes. Unlike fixed cylindrical tracks, Sculpman’s technology eliminates wave patterns, improving layer alignment and adhesion. The system is set to offer build rates of up to 500cm3 per hour.

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Featured image shows Revo DiamondBack nozzle. Photo via E3D.

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