Dyndrite and AMFG Collaborate for Enhanced Pre-Production in AM

Dyndrite Corporation, based in Seattle, Washington, has announced a partnership with AMFG Corp of Austin, Texas, to integrate AMFG’s award-winning automated workflow software with Dyndrite’s 3D nesting capabilities. This collaboration aims to optimize the pre-production process in additive manufacturing.

AMFG’s software, now enriched with Dyndrite’s technology, offers advanced 3D nesting for multiple CAD files directly within its interface. This integration facilitates the seamless compilation of numerous files, enabling efficient project size evaluation, production time estimation, and cost calculation.

Dyndrite and AMFG Collaborate for Enhanced Pre-Production in AM
AMFG’s software now comes with automatic nesting. (Image Credit: AMFG)

Sven Hinrichs from AMFG recognized Dyndrite’s automated nesting and build preparation technology as a transformative force in AM. He emphasized the efficiency gains, material optimization, reduced production time, and improved client results as key benefits. Hinrichs and Anderson both acknowledged the shared vision of their companies in advancing the AM landscape through automation.

This collaboration signifies a strategic move towards more efficient, automated workflows in additive manufacturing. It highlights the ongoing efforts to harness automation for optimizing manufacturing processes, and a likely shift towards further enhancing automation technologies to drive efficiency and scalability in the industry.

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