Designer Unveils 3D Printed Ice Cream Inspired Lamp

The Soft Serve Lamp, created by Stockholm’s Crème Atelier, embodies a shift in lighting design, integrating both functionality and aesthetic appeal. It’s inspired by the shapes and forms of pastries and desserts, specifically the swirly ice cream. Jacqueline Kessidis, co-founder of Crème Atelier, highlights their fascination with the organic forms of desserts like meringue and soft serve ice cream.

Designer Unveils 3D Printed Ice Cream Inspired Lamp
Rose sorbet color, table lamp. (Image Credit: Crème Atelier)

This inspiration is vividly translated into the lamp’s design, which is 3D printed using bioplastic derived from recycled food packaging. This choice of material not only emphasizes sustainability but also enables the creation of the lamp’s unique swirling structure.

3D printing plays a crucial role in this project, offering a rapid and eco-friendly production method. Kessidis notes the speed and efficiency of 3D printing, allowing the transition from concept to physical product within hours. This process aligns with the growing trend in design industries towards more sustainable and efficient production techniques. The Soft Serve Lamp is available in two styles – ceiling and table versions, and in various colors including pastel pinks, blues, and bright yellow.

Limoncello “flavor” lamp. (Image Credit: Crème Atelier)

The Soft Serve Lamp represents a synthesis of aesthetic innovation and sustainable production in lighting design, made possible by 3D printing technology. It exemplifies how design can be both visually appealing and environmentally responsible.

The Soft Serve Lamp comes in a variety of “flavors” including limoncello, blueberry, rose and peach, and you can get your hands on one over at the Crème Atelier website, right here.


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