CavGenX Prints Advanced Heat Pump Turbine

CavGenX, an Infinity Turbine subsidiary, has unveiled a new 3D printed heat pump turbine. This innovation is engineered for dual purposes: providing closed-loop cooling for AI processors and generating hydraulic power. The turbine’s core technology is a unique compressor that merges a cavitation device with a magnetic induction device, forming a turboshaft engine. This system employs a closed-loop CO2 process, facilitating an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) for thermal processing and hydraulic pressure generation, while simultaneously producing cooling.

CavGenX Prints Advanced Heat Pump Turbine
Metal 3D printed heat pump turbine. (Image Credit: CavGenX)

Distinguished by its ability to utilize diverse heat sources, including solar thermal and waste heat, the CavGenX turbine offers a versatile and sustainable approach to power generation. It embodies an advanced version of the principle used in the first steam engines, now enabling the conversion of solar or waste heat into mechanical power for hydraulic applications. The design is remarkably efficient, compact enough for small-scale use yet scalable for powering large machinery, and eliminates the need for separate hydraulic pumps.

The turbine’s potential extends beyond industrial applications. Its minimal moving parts make it an ideal candidate for residential and commercial heating and cooling systems, and particularly suitable for AI GPU farms and data centers. These centers, typically reliant on water-intensive evaporative cooling, stand to benefit significantly from the CavGenX turbine’s efficiency.

Furthermore, the turbine could revolutionize desalination processes by providing the necessary pumping power for reverse osmosis units, potentially reducing the high energy demands of desalination plants.

CavGenX, backed by Infinity Turbine’s expertise in ORC turbine design and CO2-based technologies, leverages its patented Modular Fluid Handling Device for this innovation. This design allows for flexible modification of stages and functions, enhancing the turbine’s adaptability and potential applications.

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