BLT exhibits new metal AM solutions on Formnext 2023 show floor

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Bright Laser Technologies (BLT) has introduced turnkey solutions for metal additive manufacturing at Formnext 2023.

Highlights included the BLT-S400 industrial metal 3D printing machine, an automatic powder circulation system, and a range of new materials. The BLT-S400, featuring a three-laser configuration, addresses the challenges associated with high-volume production of industrial parts. By focusing on reducing delivery time and minimizing labor costs without compromising quality, BLT aims to offer an efficient solution for clients engaged in mass production. 

BLT S400 system. Photo via BLT.

A comprehensive AM ecosystem to enhance efficiency and quality

Complementing the BLT-S400 is the BLT-Automatic Powder Circulation System, designed to ensure the transfer, recovery, sieving, and reuse of metal powders within an on-site test laboratory. This system enhances the secure transfer of 3D printing powders between containers and multiple machines, eliminating potential risks such as spillage, contamination, explosions, and contact with workers. The cost-effective nature of the system, supporting multiple 3D printing machines, is poised to enhance overall production efficiency.

In addition to its hardware innovations, BLT introduces its self-developed BLTM powders, focusing on Titanium and Inconel Alloy family powders. With over 10 powder production lines and more than 400 tons of yearly capacity, BLT offers a comprehensive range of powder-related services, from trial production to mass production, tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

To further enhance production efficiency, BLT introduces its in-house software solutions, BLT-BP and BLT-MES. BLT-BP, a 3D printing slicing software tool, significantly improves slicing efficiency for large and complex parts. The software’s dynamic powder laying strategy adapts powder fusion speed to the part contour, ensuring quality and efficiency. BLT-MES 2.0, a proprietary intelligent production line management system, establishes seamless data Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, offering end-to-end digital manufacturing solutions for the additive manufacturing landscape.

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BLT-Automatic Powder Circulation System. Photo via BLT.

BLT demonstrates its expertise in various verticals

BLT unveiled dozens of exhibits across diverse sectors at the tradeshow, with a focus on aviation, aerospace, mold, medical, and electronics applications. One of the standout displays included the Intermediate Compressor Case, a critical aviation engine component made from titanium alloy. Boasting external dimensions of 1350mm × 205mm and a 2mm wall thickness, this system illustrates BLT-S1500’s capabilities, featuring 26 lasers and a voluminous build space of 1500mm × 1500mm × 1200mm (W × D × H). This novel technology targets both singular large and complex part production, as well as efficient mass production of smaller components.

BLT also exhibited a thrust chamber injector for i-Space‘s JD-2, a 100-ton liquid oxygen methane engine. The JD-2 achieved a significant milestone with two successful semi-system joint tests under real operating conditions. Produced on the BLT-S600 using BLT’s proprietary superalloy BLT-Inconel 718, the injector features multiple complex long and short fuel nozzles. Significantly, 3D printing reduces production complexity, cycle time, and cost by approximately 30%, offering a more integrated and efficient alternative to traditional processes, which involve over 300 parts and an 8-month production cycle, says BLT.

Intermediate compressor case. Photo via BLT.

Technical specifications of BLT S400 system

Build Dimension 400mm × 250mm × 400mm(W×D×H)
Laser Power 500W × 2; 500W × 3
Building Speed 50cm³/h; 75cm³/h
Supporting Materials Titanium Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, Superalloy, Stainless Steel, High-strength Steel, Tool Steel, Copper Alloy

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Featured image shows the BLT S400 system. Photo via BLT.


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